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So this is how it ends?

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B-Bbut industry leaders lead, not follow!

This actually gets me excited! Never understood why some people are so opposed to any form of dlc. Hopefully it's like TW3 dlc!

Hard mode is dlc?

And nothing can be bought individually for a small fee?

VGPolyglot said:

And Nintendo always talks about not being followers...Well they sure liked following the idea of a Season Pass and paid online.

Well to be fair, there's a difference between a company copying someone else and just doing something that is 'normal' as in to be expected sort of, in the industry nowadays. 

DLC, Season passes, and paid online aren't anything unusual anymore in the gaming industry, in fact most games have them nowadays and basically every console except Nintendo for a while had paid online, so just because Nintendo decides to start doing it doesn't mean they're copying necessarily. 

Kind of like how a lot of older games that were big hits and set standards for the games in that genre doesn't mean that games that came out after that and played in that same style copied it, it just set a standard for what people could expect from something. 

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I'm fine with DLC, but a difficulty mode??


So, by the information what we got. Only the holiday DLC seems to be worth for me :/ I'm always in for a new dungeon and story, but clothes and items are kind of a waste of resources.

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Nintendo's main DLC outings so far were as I recall, Mario Kart 8 (generally well regarded), Smash (Got some flack for pricing), Fire Emblem games (reaction issues unknown), and Mario Golf 3DS (game was noticably cheaper).

Let's not jump to the nastiest conclusion immediately. It's possible that they just didn't think of adding a Hero mode initially, or had trouble implementing it due to the world's vastness. I mean sure if you find Hero Mode on Disk/Cartridge it's a problem...

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FloatingWaffles said:
Is this the first time Nintendo is doing a season pass sort of thing? I don't remember if they've ever done that before.

From what I can remember. You could get both pack 1 and pack 2 at the start for a cheaper price (But pack 2 comes out a bit later)


Theres also Hyrule Warriors but that was a collaboration. Not sure if it counts. 


And there was Fire Emblem Fates (Not sure if Awakening had it too) Where you can buy all of them for a cheaper price but some comes out later. 

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DLC is fine since the standard game will be huge. But that locked Hard mode is just a big no, no, no...

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