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wolflink said:
A solid 80

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John2290 said:
I hope I'm wrong but my prediction is 75. This is GG we're talking about. While their games are good, they aren't amazing and lack soul and this is a new genre for them. I think it will be a good game but with flaws. For me GG excelled at making a fun MP but Horizon lacks this altogether. You can guarantee it will be one of the best looking open world games though.

They have been working on it almost this entire decade so far with the full team falling in to full time after KZ SF, one of the first Devs to get Ps4 specs,  they have the Lead writer from Fallout New Vegas and specific hires from devs teams that knew their open world shit  and quest buildingtalent supposedly from games like the witcher series. This is not the same team that made KIllzone 2 or 3.

The the thing of it is, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were pretty great games. I actually prefrered 3, due to what I feel was a superior single player experience. They got a 91 and 84 respectively on meta.

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GribbleGrunger said:
First review:


and a positive one at that. this game is sounding real good.


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I'm getting more and more confident that this game is going to deliver.

So does anybody know whether there's an OST releasing for this game? Im a sucker for buying Soundtracks and the music I've heard for this game so far seems decent.

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Don't think it's hard to see why everyone's excited for the game, 89 for me.


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Medisti said:
85. I think the facial animation work and some of the shoddy voice acting will end up getting a lot of flak from the reviewers.

Did Skyrim get any heat for the non existent facial animation? I think not. At least it didn't reflect in the ratings.

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this needs to be a 10 to show that console gaming is alive and kicking, Anything under 9 im not gonna accept

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