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Si which is it?

Home console 22 10.73%
Portable console 61 29.76%
Both 122 59.51%
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That's good to hear. I think it's better when mods stay proper users and don't let the tag change them

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It's a hybrid.

But what it eventually gets tagged as will depend on the way people will use it and what kind of games get developed for it.

Switch is a portable that can hook up to a television. I mean, that is literally what it is.

It is not a hybrid, that would require some sort of processing in the dock.

It is not a home console as that would require some sort of processing in the dock.

How people use it does not define what it is. I use a chop stick to hold up my hair sometimes... does that make my chopstick a scrunchie? Things can be designed to be used in multiple ways; and they can even be used in innovative ways not thought of by the designers (life hacks) but that does not change what something ultimately is. It just means you can use something in more than one way.

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Fact is that in TV mode games are running at higher resolution than they in portable mode, so you can't really say just "portable that can hook up to television". Don't pretend that Switch is just a PSP beacuse its not, fact is that Switch has all functionalities and act like real home console in TV mod, while act like real handheld in portable mode. Whole Switch is designed in way that can be used and act like real home console or like real handheld.

It's mainly a portable with home console DNA built into it (ie splitscreen), hence the hybrid.

EDIT: Poll is wrong, it should say handheld not portable.

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Considering the form factor and the games it seems more like an home console that can be carried around rather than an handheld that can ne attached to the TV.

It's whatever you want it to be. Home, portable, tablet, chopping board ...

I think there´s nothing much to discuss about that. it´s an hybrid.
It can be what you want or need: a home console or a portable console. But... Nintendo is marketing it as a home console.

The Switch is the XL version of the 3DS successor with the smaller version following soon. It also uses mobile hardware which in no possible way can compete with PS4 and X1. Nintendo left console gaming with the Switch, the failed Wii-U is Nintendo's last and final home console and will not get a successor.

It's both (Console when it's docked and handheld when it's detached).