I'm sick of Nintendo's 720p games... We should have minimum 900p atleast for Switch

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I'm sick of Nintendo's 720p games... We should have minimum 900p atleast for Switch

I think Nintendo makes amazing games with great graphics, but my problem has always been their resolution.   

We know Nintendo refuses to release updated hardware and gives us consoles with gimmicks, not a bad thing. I don't look at Switch to be that at all. It's a hybrid. What annoys me is resolution. Wii U should've gave us more than 720p. 720p has been here since 2005. I know Wind Waker, Sm4sh had 1080p and maybe a few more titles and that's all.

When I play my Wii U for Splatoon, or Fast Racing Neo (I let MK8 rest for Deluxe, reason on last thread), it looks blurry. It's distracting. I own a 4K tv and playing 720p games on it looks bad on it. After awhile I'll get used to it, but this problem shouldn't be on Switch. This problem shouldn't be here for the next 5 years. While the PS4 Pro and Scorpio is enjoying 4K, I'll be here still on 720p.

1080p games looks great while upscaled to 4K in my opinion. 720p, not so much. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fast Racing RMX are the only games I can think of that are confirmed 1080p. Breath of the Wild is 900p(that's fine), Super Mario Odyssey gameplay from Trailer is confirmed 720p, Splatoon 2 demo is 720p and we don't know what resolution ARMS is....... I'll still buy these awesome games but it's dissapointing that barely of them runs 1080p.

Yea I am aware that it's a hybrid and it's a kick-ass portable console, but I'm not sure if I'll be using handheld mode that often. I'm perfectly fine with the Switch screen being 720p too. But I just want 1080p Nintendo games(or atleast 900p) on my beautiful 4K screen....     




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It's a portable console that physically converts to a home console but still offering only portable level performance. What your asking is for a full on Nintendo home console which isn't happening and the Switch really is an indicator that Nintendo have left the home console sector but still wanted a slice of the home console pie so to speak.

The wii u is almost certainly Nintendo's last home console.

I still don't get why people are so obsessed with resolution and framerate. Graphics shouldn't be that important and resolution is just a detail. For me, 360p is good enough.

when docked to a TV it can display 1080p, but the Switch itself has a 720p screen

Idk what you are talking about... I can play Nintendo games at 4k 60fps 



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Human eyes can only see 360p dont u knw?

If that means increasing the cost to $400 USD, I would be against it :/

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You've only made assumptions on the two games you mentioned are 720p; and that's a Splatoon 2 demo and a freaking trailer.... No way Mario oddyssey is 720p. Plus if you look at the Splatoon 2 footage, it looks REALLY nice

I still get insane amounts fo fun from 240P games. I don't care much about resolution. ARMS looks amazing.

Pretty sure Arms is 1080p.

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