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Added Ultimate Chicken Horse after it's announcement that it's coming to consoles.

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Great list, wonder how long the opening post will become over the years

monocle_layton said:
But I thought the Switch has no games besides Zelda and Mario?

Well depends really. Which of those games are retail physical releases?  The general consumer will judge the console on that. When they walk in the store and see 10 games vs PS4s 100s that is what may put people off.




Added Yoku's Island Express, looks interesting, an open world pin ball adventure game is an interesting concept.

Double Post

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Two new games announced for Nintendo Switch; "Battle Princess Madelyn" and "Troll and I".

Added Celeste

Like I said in the Celeste thread, me like!

AbsoluteMagnitude has also updated his Switch wallpaper, so I'll post it here too.

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you know when there's a Steam sale and you scroll through the games and aside from the ones you already played on another system, nothing really catches your eye and you just go back to doing whatever it is that you were doing?

That's the exact feeling i get scrolling through OP's post.

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Looking at the new list..

- Looking stronger all the time. And maybe I'm a bit biased here because I'm both part of an indie startup AND review a lot of indie games, but I'm not going to just write off indies like some people here, as long as they are budget priced. Especially if we get physical release. Maybe I'm a bit of a hipster, so be it :P

- I keep forgetting Setsuna is a launch title.. It actually looks like a cool game, the more I see of it. It kind of reminds me of ToS, one of my favorite RPGs, right down to the story. Only reason I'd probably hold off on it is because of Zelda. Like, I don't think I'll need TWO RPGs at launch. Maybe farther down the line though, while I wait for Octopath..

- I do find it odd that Fast RMX is supposedly in March, though we still know almost nothing about it, including what day it will release and its price. March is like a week away.. I actually want to pick it up, looks very F-Zero esque.

- Pretty set on Fast RMX, Has Been Heroes, and maybe Setsuna, Little Inferno in March to go along with Zelda.

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