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This is like, the very epitome of a party game.

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These videos made me think Nintendo's future seems rather depressive.

RolStoppable said:
curl-6 said:

It's not even about the kind of game it is. Minigame collections can be good, but this one looks like they went out of their way to make the most inane, pants-on-head retarded minigames possible.

It's like a spiritual successor to WarioWare.

Dam it, I was here just to say the same, looking all those trailers I couldn't stop thinking that the concept has clear similitudes, that game looked stupid as hell too. It was very good though.


This is so bad, it would make for a bad pack-in, let alone such an expensive game. I hope Nintendo stops making such crap "games" and focuses or something worthwhile.

a few of these look quite fun (Joy-Con Rotation, Quick Draw, Ball Count, Safe Cracker), but most of the others .. not so much

I see potential as a drinking game. One shot for losing. You will end pretty drunk XD.,

One more guys, only 7 updates left

Mar1217 said:

And it looks like that you need to find Harambe in one of these hidden mini-games :)
Yomieeee said:
I can already guess one of them. You play as a gorilla in a zoo and you have to dodge bullets. Easy.

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I'm doubtful that 1, 2, switch could offer more than a very limited play time. After playing through them and seeing the novelty you'll never play them again.

They have the complexity of a rhythm heaven mini games but without the rhythm element. At first I thought it might be aiming for something more like that, but rhythm heaven was a rhythm game and each minigame only lasted a limited time before moving to the next. Some of the ideas in 1, 2, switch could have worked in rhythm heaven game and it would have been better to have done that.

Compare this to Nintendo Land. Things like Mario Chase in Nintendo Land. It was always fun and you could keep going back to it when you had friends over. Years later and I'm still going back to it. Even the best of 1, 2, switch is going to get boring fast.

1,2, switch not being good enough could be a reason why they opted not to pack it in.

If they called it "Wario Switch", I'd buy it.

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I feel really depressed with these mini-games... They seem so silly and dumb. But......
I have to try them myself. Its so weird that I do think we are not doing justice to it if we criticize without experiencing them.