What do you want in the 3rd Pokemon Sun and Moon installment?

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Having it be just an enhanced third version would be understandable this time if it means it's a Switch game (that is, a big enhancement). I'm not sure I want a proper sequel, but that would be fine, I guess.

Honestly, I think the one thing I want most, and not just from my perspective as a Pokémon fan, but also from a perspective of wanting to see Nintendo do well, is a Red/Blue remake for the Switch.

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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE ME THE BATTLE FRONTIER, they've been teasing us for the past 3 games.

Also a Litten hidden ability release would be much apreciated

umegames said:
I don't know...considering sun and moon was the most boring game i played of all the main series, i cant support the idea of a sequel. Unless that sequel finds a way to expand the world , put more variety of pokemon in the wild, add more side things to do (pokemon contest, safari zone, etc) and add a difficulty option.

I love the gameplay changes made to sun and moon, but for the love of all things good, can they please stop having trainers challenge you with 1 pokemon? or with 3 of the same? EVERY trainer at least after the first 25 minutes of the game should have 5-6 pokemon...

Well I'm not the biggest Sun/Moon fan ever, but I have to defend it here. It was by far the hardest Pokémon game in a very long time.

Upgraded graphics (rumored Switch release), end game where we go back to Kanto (tons of Kanto hints within Sun and Moon), the return of Pokemon following.

I just want it to be on Switch

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Dulfite said:
I want a Pokemon Red/Blue 2. If white/black can get it we should too

We already got that, it's called Pokémon gold/silver

there is only one thing i hate about Sun & Moon and that is the camera angles. specifically the camera angles we get during pokemon battles. i started shiny hunting in December and the most irritating thing about shiny hunting this gen is actually being able to see if the pokemon is shiny.

you see the SOS pokemon for a whole 2 seconds and then you get a shot of your pokemon, then a zooming out shot of your pokemon, then a zooming in shot of your character, then a rotating shot of your pokemon, then a reverse rotating shot of you and your pokemon. then a sideways pan of the battle that cuts off right before you see the wild pokemon, then a shot of just 1 of the two pokemon youre battling and you cant even tell which one it is and JESUS CHRIST can i just get a decent shot of the whole battlefield without all these extra unnecessary camera shots? you know, so i can actually tell what im battling? Gens 1 - 5 didnt have this problem, and Gen 6 was never this bad

- New pokemon - meaning, regular pokemon, not ultrabeasts or legendaries or mythical or god-like pokemon.
- Set 10 years after the first one, so that we get to see how the implementations of gyms and the pokemon league affected the area.
- Hau died of an unknown disease years before.
- PSS as opposed to Festival Plaza
- Super training
- A Stan Lee cameo

The main point:

- On 3DS (because the online is free)

I would also like an added island to make the gale a little longer. But Nintendo will probably release the remake of Pearl/Diamond....

Zygarde unpopularity may have killed the third version.

I liked sun and moon more than i thought i would. Replayability has been lower so far for me. I usually only play pokemon. I started playing black and white again shortly after beating sun and moon twice. I hope to get back into them again. But for a third i would like
-experience gained back to the way it was( not like sun moon black white)
-less forced talking points
-and GYMS

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