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Worst Uncharted game?

Drakes Fortune 13 100.00%

I just finished this game on normal and boy this has got to be one of the most tedious game i've ever played.

Before any of you assume I'm just hating this game let's point out the good stuff first, I won't go too deep into them.

+ beautiful visuals

+ great atmosphere

+ cutscenes are short and get to the point

+ good voice acting

+ memorable characters

+ ok soundtrack

+ unlimited continues

+ treasures

+ good length


Now let's talk about the negatives that bring the game down.

- weak story

- awful combat mechanic

- tilt grenades with sixaxis

- too much enemies, they come in waves without pause and spawn in random places behind or above you

- enemies can kill you with a few shots but take half of your magazines to get killed

- enemies never run out of ammo

- enemies have 99% perfect aim even with shotguns and grenades and over long distances

- cover, wait, shoot. Repeat.

- npc allies don't do shit you're pretty much on your own during shootouts

- every 10 steps you're ambushed by hordes of goons even in the most illogical places

- whenever you're almost dead the screen turns gray which makes everything harder to see especially during the car and jetski chase

- drive and shoot on a jetski while avoiding explosive barrels, who's stupid idea was this?

- multiple antagonists and they all suck

- the final boss fight sucks ASS

- unsatisfying ending

There, I may have forgotten some good or bad points but I'll be sure to add them if I remember them. I would have added more to the negatives like the simplistic puzzles and the one man army cliché but the former didn't hinder my experience they were just easy and the latter is a common trope in most action games many good ones too.

This game received very good scores on launch and i agree it's not a terrible game but it could have been much better had it focused more on the platforming and exploring and less on the terribly paced over the top action sequences. Anyway agree or disagree!

EDIT: great atmosphere added to positives

           tilt grenades with sixaxis added to negatives

Thread title changed but it's still a TERRIBLY flawed and overrated game. A game can be flawed and you can still have fun with it but it was a flawed game back then and it's a flawed game today so please stop using the "2007" excuse over and over guys, Pac-Man is from 1980 and is still a timeless great experience.

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Snoorlax said:

i agree it's not a terrible game 

In that case you should change the title 

It's okay. It's got a lot of cheap moments though

"Why is Uncharted Drakes Fortune so TERRIBLE?"

"i agree it's not a terrible game"

I don't know, though. I really didn't like it the first time I tried it, but I loved it the second time when I played it all the way through. I think it was maybe a little overrated because it was the only thing the PS3 had going for it at the time.

That's because you playing nearly 10 years after it came out.

It was never a great game, just a charming attempt at making a "AAA" PS3 exclusive. Something the platform lacked at launch.

I remember playing the first game after the brilliant Uncharted 2 and I couldn't believe how poor it was.

The sequels were greatly improved, although I did find UC3 and UC4 disappointing.

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Uncharted 3 was the annoying, over-hyped game, not Drake's Fortune

Drake Fortune is one of the best uncharted games actually.Sure it will have some outdated mechanics, since its the first Uncharted, but in the story department, it tells a much more satisfiyng story than the other ones, in my opinion.

The only issue I had with the game was
* The grenade aiming (thankfully fixed for the remaster).
* The moments where you run into a large area with enemies and try to retreat the way you came, only to be cut down by enemies who spawned from the ether clear mere seconds before.
* The final boss being trial and error bullshit.

The jetski is fine so long as you stop before shooting, just not what you would expect. The entire game was better for me once I realized the game was chiefly about shooting scads of enemies, exploration being secondary.

celador said:
Uncharted 3 was the annoying, over-hyped game, not Drake's Fortune

Came here to say something similar to this. Uncharted 1 has plenty of flaws, but it is an absolutely enjoyable game and my second favourite game of the Uncharted franchise. Uncharted 3, on the other hand, got like a free pass for a myriad of problems like a terrible gunplay that had to be patched later, the most inconsistent tone and plot holes in any Uncharted game and some weak filler episodes that go nowhere.

I loved all Uncharted games.

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