Would you go to war for your country?

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Would you?

Of course I will 41 11.75%
Only if I think the cause is very good 79 22.64%
Probably not 70 20.06%
Never 159 45.56%

Defense of my country against a foreign enemy? Big maybe. Anything else? Big big big big maybe. 

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As a Croat from Bosnia I would go to war defending Croatia from any Serb aggression, Drina is our border. I live in Sweden but would be willing to go back to fight for our homeland.  If a war breaks out we will have to make another OLUJA and drive the rest of the Serbs from our homelands - move them over to the other side of the Drina river and than we unify our Croatian homeland.  Oluja se i u Bosni sprema.  :)

Mnementh said:
Leadified said:

Conquesting armies aren't well known for respecting the lives of locals.

Yeah, conquesting army. Reduce that to one army trying to invade another country and getting .... no opposition. How many would die, what do you think?

Reduce it, why exactly? You're at the mercy of your occupiers, read up on the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe after World War II.

I would fight to protect people I care about, if it came to that. But no way in hell will I ever go and fight and kill (and die) so that the super rich can continue sitting around sipping champagne at my expense.

going to war for country is moronic. It is inspired by patriotism which is one of the worst evils in the world, the concept that you should give up your life so that the political elite that created the reason for the war can keep their positions. I can understand fighting for family or friends or even to protect fellow human beings, but to do so for a country shows you are brainwashed.

My wife when she first moved to Australia was adamant that she would return to her homeland and fight for it should another country try to sieze it, After several logical discussions with her I finally saw the light bulb moment when she realised that basically she was volunteering to die to protect a piece of land for political powers.

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Only if they invade my country. I will help protect home.

In Canada at this point in time, its almost a non issue in terms of invasion. The only time a non military citizen would have to contemplate defending our country would be if the US was the invading nation and that's never going to happen. If a merger were to happen it will be written on paper in ink and not blood.
Almost any other nation that would attack us would have to defeat not only our military, but the US military as well, as they would not stand idly by and watch a US non friendly nation take over Canada.

The real question would be if a non friendly nation were attacking North America, since they would have to fight 2 if not 3 countries at once and focus on the US to have a chance of winning. Even if the US brought it on themselves, which would be unfortunate, if the attackers were non friendly to Canada, I would fight and defend, because if the US fell, then its basically guaranteed that Canada would be next.

As for invading other nations, or helping to invade other nations, No, as long as they didn't bring the fight to us initially. There are many other ways to force hostile nations to bend to your will without having to send your people to die. These tactic's take more time to create change as compared to quicker physical force, but are much more peaceful overall.

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As a former soldier, I would defend my country as readily as my home, as it and all citizens of this country are my family, whether I like, hate, agree or disagree with any of them. Call it Patriotism, Nationalism or any other -ism you want. It is not the Government I would fight for, it is for the people, both living or dead that I would (or will) serve.

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Prior military here. Yup I would go back to protect my country and her Allies. I don't hate anyone not willing to, not everyone is built for combat.

AsGryffynn said:
contestgamer said:

Look at those weak, lazy westerners. Embarassment to their forefathers.

I enjoy serving in the military, but not the Spanish military. I'd rather fight for the US or Russia. If Russia has a foreign legion and they start opening theaters, I am in... 

You have no idea just how moronic that notion is. But hey, you live in Spain so you have idea what the hell you're talking about. You know as much about Russia as I do about the intricacies of political relations between Zambia and Malawi.

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