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Rare, Argonauts, Rockstar North... Wow Nintendo loves to screw UK based developers. :/

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tag for later laughting

I still agree with Miyamoto on DKC - the first game is solid, but painfully basic.

I remember enjoying Croc, but the primitive camera,nonexistant draw distance & tank controls limited it. Don't believe I ever beat it because a level towards the end required some crazy manipulation of the camera while jumping across tiny platforms over a death pit.

Interesting video, a bit long but worth it. Nintendo's history with UK based developers in the 90s. Creation of GTA 3 and why Rockstar will never ever make a 3D GTA for Nintendo systems, etc.

Must watch.

Old video is old, on top of that we already had a thread about this exact video

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Pretty sure that Croc info is not entirely correct.

4 times this was already a thread. Well not really, but pretty sure this was a thread 2 times already

I thought that i had already seen this on vgchartz some time ago.

On one hand, I can count the number of times Shigi was an as asshole!

Only 4 times in over 20 years?

That's great, the average VGC-user manages that per week, the busy ones even per day ;)