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I'm sure we've had this already, but it's interesting nonetheless!


I fluently speak English and Arabic, and know a small amount of German and Hebrew (enough to carry small talk). 

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Like American English I guess.

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I'm a native Finnish speaker, and my English is pretty good too. I've also studied a few other languages but I'm not very good at them since I don't really use them anywhere.

Spanish and English, and just a bit of Catalonian and French.

English and Dakota. Well I'm nowhere near fluent anymore. I grew up speaking it but it was forgotten because no one else spoke it.

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Dutch (currently learning)

Spanish for the most part
French partially

English and Romanian. My German is pretty rusty now.

Spanish, English (sort of) and Tarascan.

English and Malayalam.


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BasilZero said:
English and Malayalam.

You're the first person I've ever seen speak Malayalam. 


I believe there's  like 40 million speakers? Certainly a lot considering there's a huge amount of languages in India.