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aLkaLiNE said:
Amazing. Fifth largest movie studio and they still struggle to succeed. I swear everything's heading toward a monopoly.

The issue I see is how insane budgets have become. Studios are increasingly reliant on tentpole features to carry them.  A couple flops and even a major studio is in trouble.  Smaller studios cannot make $100 million+ films so the prospoects for massive losses are not there.

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"“They want to see how the “Emoji Movie” movie does because they think they have a franchise and it might help them get a better price,” said a source, the film, which features a poop emoji, comes out on August 4."

They only make poop movies now.


"“They want to see how the “Emoji Movie” movie does because they think they have a franchise and it might help them get a better price,” said a source, the film, which features a poop emoji, comes out on August 4."

Is this real? Someone actually wrote that?..... I can't...

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

You have to keep in mind that Sony has a lot of debt, so when the suits in the bank pay Hirai a visit, he's going to listen carefully.

It doesn't look good for Sony, but this is how bad decisions in the past haunt you. Oh, well.

I haven't read any of the comments yet, but if it's like old times, my bet is:
-Sony will be fine


Edit: Now that I read the comments; fuck.

Ei Kiinasti.

Eikä Japanisti.

Vaan pannaan jalalla koreasti.


Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Azuren said:
TV as in shows? Or actual television sets?

Because Bravia are the only things worthwhile. Samsungs have crap QA, Vizio is 90% bad panels, and LG is a laughing stock for quality (shut up about Oled, that doesn't prove LG is great, it's merely a Testament to the picture quality of Oled that even LG can't fuck it up).

I have a Samsung TV, there is another in my house, and another my PS4 friend house.
And I kinda agree, I actually drew the lucky straw, the image quality of my TV is great, but there is a visible difference to the other two I mentioned, well, mine is the lower screen, tho, so it could be it.
(mine is 32'', the other in my house is 40'' and my friend's is "42").

Still, at least my Samsung TV is great.

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irstupid said:
potato_hamster said:

Well the video game industry is shrinking too if you exclude Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. What a completely nonsensical argument.

That is an horrible rebutal.

The gaming industry is growing correct? Yet how come a ton of gaming companies went under recently? Because they were not making money. It doesn't matter if Hollywood is growing if Sony's division is not making money.

Yes a growing market is better than a shrinkig market, cause the potential is there. But it doesn't matter what the rest of the industry is doing. If you are not making money, then you will want to leave that industry.

I was arguing against his statement that "Everyone is hurting in hollywood", which is patently false. Sure, Sony pictures is hurting, but that clearly isn't representative of the industry as a whole.

Soon there will be nothing left of Sony lol

think-man said:
Soon there will be nothing left of Sony lol

Well, they deserve it for what they have been doing to LoD!

Sony televisions are awesome. Don't get rid of them.

KBG29 said:
small44 said:
Stop making smartphones Sony.

Sony needs to merge mobile with PlayStation and make phone under their own OS. Android is a money pit for everyone not named Samsung or Google. With their own devices they can turn things around and greatly strengthen Sony and the PlayStation brand.

bunchanumbers said:
Its good news. Sony needs to ditch all dead weight and focus on their banking and insurance companies. That is where their money has been for years.

The money has been their for years, but now PlayStation is quickly heading towardsbeing their most profitable business. The way things are going, and with the heavy hitting 1st party titles this year, I expect SIE to out profit Sony Financial every quarter of 2017.

In all reality most of their remaining divisions are doing good, except mobile (see above). Sony pictures is in a down perios, but they can definitly turn it around. Cameras, sensors, and video/audio are making steady profits now, so I don't see any reason to dump them.

Snoopy said:
Also, Sony needs to sell their mobile division. That is what bleed them a lot of money.

As I said above. Sony needs to merge mobile into PlayStation. PlayStation needs a wider range of products to stay competitive in the future, and they can benefit greatly from all the knowlegde and technologies that Sony mobile has.

Snoopy said:

No, their tv division is over pretty much. Sad to see Sony once the big tech company to fall to hard times. I blame the fact they stuck to tradition and didn't adapt.

Sony's TV division has turned it around. They are now profitable, and they are making very competitive TV's, at very low prices. They currently have the best LCD/LED TV on the market in the Z9D series, and they are bringing out the A1E OLED which people were calling the best TV at CES. 

Their TV division never stopped making the best displays on the market, they were just offering the wrong form factors for the main stream. Now they have finally sorted things out in the switch to LCD/LED and are making sure they are in the OLED market as well. Going forward, they should continue to profit and gain back market share.



On the O.P.

This is a tough decision. They gain a lot in other divisions by being involved in movies and TV. It helps them in basically every other product they make, and service they sell. Dumping this division could have rippling effects on the rest of the company. 

There are definitly so things that need to change with Sony Pictures. They need to get rid of Ultra, the 4K streaming service that competes with PlayStation Video. That was a total late 90's/ early 00's Sony move letting that happen. They also need to stop going after niche films and start trying to make some mass market friendly stuff. They have had way to many films that are just aimed at way to small of audiences. The TV side is fine.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. I still say merging Sony Mobile into Sony Interactive would be a much better play though.

I don't think merging mobile with Playstation would chance anything

I think they should only sell smartphone componants to other smartphone manufacturers

PS4 - over 100 millions let's say 120m
Xbox One - 70m
Wii U - 25m

Vita - 15m if it will not get Final Fantasy Kingdoms Heart and Monster Hunter 20m otherwise
3DS - 80m