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I see a lot posters here, and especially on N4G trying to draw parallels between the Wii U and the Switch. Both are significantly less powerful than their "competitors," and both are lacking in major AAA third party support largely due to those specs. They're also looking similar due to the limited first and third party support in the early months. The fact remains, however, that the Switch is not a Wii U. Actually, it isn't even a console, really. It's a hybrid, which is its greatest strength over the Wii U in terms of software support, sales potential, and dedication from Nintendo themselves.

Firstly, we need to look at the Wii U and 3DS. They both struggled early on, but the way Nintendo handled their failures was dramatically different. The 3DS launched with a boring, expensive gimmick that failed to excite consumers, a poor game lineup, and a confusing name to boot! When the 3DS failed to set the world on fire, Nintendo didn't even wait 6 months before cutting a whopping $80 off the price. This unprecedented price cut was followed up by a strong devotion of development and marketing resources to righting the sinking ship. Fast-forward nearly 6 years and, while clearly down from the DS, I think that most of us can agree that the 3DS has been a success.

The Wii U ended up in a similar situation. It also launched with an expensive gimmick, disappointing software support, and a confusing name! When disaster came knocking, Nintendo put out a Direct in February 2014 where they announced a great deal of upcoming titles, but it failed to have any meaningful effect on sales. In the months and years following, they pretty much just coasted by on the games that they had announced at that February Direct, with a few more small titles and HD ports to tide things over. The Wii U never saw a true price cut, nor did it see a significant software push from Nintendo. In fact, they took no significant action to jumpstart Wii U sales at all! Why? Because consoles are not a vitally necessary part of Nintendo's business.

Nintendo handhelds sell better than their consoles. This has been a constant dating all the way back to the GB/C, but is even more true today. Even during Nintendo's most successful console era, the Wii still failed to even come close to the LT sales of the DS. The Wii could have sold no units, and Nintendo would still have been in a good place.  They are like the inverse of Sony. When the PS3 was in trouble, Sony threw astonishing amounts of money at the platform to ensure its success -- a move that they did not repeat with the Vita. SIE is perfectly alright without success in the handheld market. Nintendo, on the other hand, can handle a console bomb, but a failed handheld would ruin them.

And that is what brings us to the Nintendo Switch. The combination of all that is Nintendo. The immediate successor to the Wii U, and the eventual replacement of the 3DS as well. Soon the be the sole piece of dedicated gaming hardware that they have to offer. Given Nintendo's history, I can not imagine that they would treat this system anything like how they handled the Wii U. If they were willing to go as far as they did to save the 3DS, you can guarantee yourself that they'll go even further to protect the Switch. Should sales begin to falter, expect price cuts, expect new bundles, expect potentially dramatic changes to their business practices, because they have nothing else besides. They've gone all in, and must commit themselves to making the Switch a success. 

This is why I feel confident enough in the Switch that I plan to buy one before the end of the year. It seems so many have been disappointed by the initial unveiling that they've forgotten what made the idea of the Switch so exciting back when we first started to hear about it. Regardless of what the launch lineup looks like, this system is guaranteed better first, second, and even third party support than the Wii U, and a laser focus from Nintendo as a whole should result in much stronger sales over its lifetime.

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I agree, for the most part, though I think you're giving Nintendo a bit too much credit. They've shown before that they're perfectly willing to repeat the mistakes of the past. They're also content to focus on Japan, even though they sale their products globally.

That being said, even though Nintendo is still doing some odd things, the Switch has the big guns of Nintendo home consoles joined with the large and varied library of Nintendo handheld consoles. As a plus, I assume it will also catch some of the development studios who worked on the PSP/Vita.

In theory, it should be the best Nintendo console of the last few generations in terms of total content.

There are some similarities.

Touch screen, may or may not have strong third party support, motion control still around, games that should not be full retail games.

But we have a much stronger launch line up as well. Plus it can leave the room, unlike the Wii U. Question, is there off screen play so that others can ....well it must be since it can be on the go.

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*copy paste of my post in another thread*

I'm so optimistic about the Switch, I've got really no choice but to be disappointed.

-I already use the hell out of Smart glass for Xbox One and I have an awesome LG Tone Platinum headset. A phone app will eliminate the need for a chat pad or anything else.

-Have you guys seen what a PS4 game looks like on the Vita? Fucking insane. The smaller screen makes everything look better! If the Switch can provide similar, I'll be in heaven.

-Any game that companies wanted to release on Wii U (*snicker*), Vita, 3DS, or even Mobile--put it on the Switch. It has the dedicated handheld market all to itself and it's basically a mobile device so if can run all of their content, too!

-My phone already uses USB C so I'm already equipped with a billion (okay. Three.) ways to charge it. My mobile Turbo Charger, my spare battery, and my car charger.

-Maybe, for the first time since PSP, I can get a fucking WWE game that I can take anywhere! It would be my game of the year if they offer one! Instantly my favorite version simply because it's portable.

*Btw, this could probably fit into an existing thread. I'm just saying...*

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I think the problem when people say the Switch will do worse than the Wii U is, they fail to take in account the 60+ million 3DS users which are all Nintendo fans. What happened with the 3DS and Wii U is that they chose the 3DS over the Wii U and with the Switch being a hybrid and Nintendo's only platform they no longer have this choice to choose from.

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The Switch has a much better outlook than the Wii U at the moment judging by the enthusiasm and pre-release hype for it.

But as I've said in other threads, if the Switch turns out to be yet another console supported strictly by Nintendo and their close partners, and the new gimmick of the enhanced rumble / motion controls fails to catch on the same way the Wii U's game pad did, then we could be looking at another Wii U situation a year or two down the road.

This is now the third time in a row Nintendo has launched an underpowered console coupled with a new controller gimmick that tries to appeal to non-traditional gamers at the expense of "core" gamers. Nintendo's fanbase alone can't support it forever.

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NightDragon83 said:

This is now the third time in a row Nintendo has launched an underpowered console coupled with a new controller gimmick that tries to appeal to non-traditional gamers at the expense of "core" gamers. Nintendo's fanbase alone can't support it forever.

50% of the time, it works EVERY time.

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I predicted around 40m. I think it will be a tough sale. It has no functionality outside of games which means it won't replace the tablets kids already have. It has a $300 price tag which isn't a casual price, and peripherals and games are outrageously priced.

Nintendo has been chasing the blue ocean for a decade now. Some with success and some with failure. I don't think that this will be the big success people think it will be.

Maybe not but I found this hilarious:

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Maybe not but I found this hilarious:

I love it!

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