It's going to cost me nearly $750CAD to get the Nintendo Switch..... Not joking.

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - It's going to cost me nearly $750CAD to get the Nintendo Switch..... Not joking.

What is the point of the other thread?

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It's gotten so nasty up here. I try not to pay full price at all, but if I want those sweet Japanese games, I pretty much have to, since many of them ship low numbers and are likely to sell out before price drop occurs.

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I might have a trick for you.

Did you saw what reduction EBGames posted on their website ?

Is there 5 games you would like to trade to them ? Good, now the Switch is 299,99 $CAN

What's that ?! You want to trade your WiiU or New 3DS instead ? Great, the Switch is now 249,99

In combo with what I said earlier, you could get the Switch to a price of 149,99$CAN

Or you could still buy the console full price and then exchange 3 games for Breath of the Wild on the Switch.

It's not like there's no option to play with :P

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Where do you live in Canada?

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You're adding about twice the rate of exchange. Games are 69, not 80, and the system is probably $350, not $400. Pro Controller probably $69 as well.

But that's Canadian dollars. Isn't that like 30 bucks or so?

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Burning Typhoon said:
Nintation360 said:

Well if I get the Uncharted bundle($380) and get 1 game ($80), and a controller ($75) and with my tax rate. It'll cost me a little over $600.... that's almost $150 cheaper... 

Why are you buying a second controller?  That's a single player game.  Tell someone to bring their own controller.  I wouldn't buy controllers specifically for other people.  That's crazy.  Not when they're 60 dollars.

You don't need to buy acontroller for the Switch either. It comes with one.

Also, comparing later consoles with bundles is not a fair comparison. By the time Splatoon and/or Mario Kart Deluxe get released, there may be a packaged game as well, so the OP may be jumping the gun on prices. 


But that's all systems on launch. Sucks I know. Always get drawn in by the tempting $300, or only $400 price or whatever a system launches at.

But whatever price of console is, you need to automatically add basically $100 to that price. That is for tax + 1 game to play. $60 plus roughly $30 of tax give or take

Well here in my country the suggested price of the switch is equivalent to $500


I just traded in my 3DS, Wii U and a few games and that covered the cost of the system, 2 games & 2nd set of Joy-Cons.

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