Where were you the first time you seen a new title in your favorite series announced and thought "Wow, that sucked!"

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Where were you the first time you seen a new title in your favorite series announced and thought "Wow, that sucked!"

For me it was the 13th of Jan, morning at 1:30 am. I had just gotten off work and was talking to some friends in the parking lot, when I looked online on my phone to see if anything cool was shown at Nintendo's new console reveal. 


What I expected was a new Bayo teaser, or a new Metroid. Heck, even Beyond Good and Evil was practically a given being we have already been pretty much told it was happening, so I get on youtube and my jaw hit the floor!


No, not by having any of those games mentioned being there, but something I only kind of half suspected and hoped would be true given Soraya Saga had been hinting something. I figured a Xeno X port, but what I seen was a new title. "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself, as my favorite series of all time had a video on youtube, and it looked like a sequel to the first. "Xenoblade Chronicles 2!!!" I shouted out loud  as my friend looked at me not knowing what the hell I was talking about. I told him I had to go and left quickly to go back to my work building to make sure I could watch the video with my undivided attention. 


And then I saw...... What the heck was that..... Are you serious? I thought to myself as the once unique stylings of Xenoblade had appeared to be tossed out the window for..... the dime a dozen anime cell shaded style. Trust me, I will be the first to admit some things needed ironing out from Xenoblade Chronicles and X. But I always felt time and tech would see things through to a style that was great to look at and uniquely them, like Xenosaga for example. But that was just visuals. They can be different and I'm fine with that, so what else did I notice about the trailer. I wanted to view it a few more times to make sure I didn't rush to a kneejerk reaction. I mean, it's typically the world and story that Takahashi knocks out of the park, right?


So what did I notice? Mechs? No, but their were mounts and airships..... Well that's not very Xeno..... Well what about story? Cheeky protag droning on about making it to some place called Elysium for "her" (I'm guessing the red girl), and not allowing anyone to stop "her".... Strange yet again as Xenoblade has always been more about the continued survival of man in general. Not to say this one won't, but it seems to be taking the back seat to the staple anime guy escorting girl from place to place and won't let anyone get in the way of him achieving that.... Well okay, that seems a bit cliche, but whatever. Let's cut out all the other series and look deep into what made Xenoblade so awesome as a standalone series, customization. Nothing shown huh.... No change of outfits or anything huh?.... 


And that's when I realised that I didn't like what I seen. I mean a Xenoblade that I didn't immediately go nuts over.... Me... In fact, I thought the trailer kind of sucked....


Don't get me wrong, I will pick this game up (special edition at that if it has one) and give it its fair chance. I have all the other Xeno titles. I wouldn't even really have minded it being different, if it being different didn't mean being like a ton of jrpgs on the market. I'm just saying my first reaction to the first trailer was a lot like Arlo's reaction to Color Splash.


So have you ever had a similar experience?

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My favorite series is Metal Gear.
Every spin off has been ok until Metal Gear Survive. I think I was at work.
Fuck that shit, all I really want is Konami to not touch that series ever again.
Ports to PC and modern platforms would be always welcome though.

That's been my experience with the reveal of every Final Fantasy since VI (except for IX).

Maybe when I saw Final Fantasy 12? Although that was less `wow, that sucks` and more `meh, I`m an Xbot now I don`t want no crappy pony games`

As for the OP, can`t really comment much since I didn`t really pay attention to the Xenoblade trailer, didn`t even know there weren`t mechs this time, although I don`t like mechs so that`s not really a bad thing for me...

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Bomberman Generations... Well, when I played it. Man, that sucked, and Bomberman was never the same again...



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badgenome said:
That's been my experience with the reveal of every Final Fantasy since VI (except for IX).

Yeah, Sqeenix are playing limbo with that shit, they seem to hit new lows every time.

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Haven't had that experience yet.

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Like... it is completely different than when i first saw Xeno X.

Xeno X made me go out and buy a Wii U for it. It looked freaking amazing.

Xeno 2 looks ok. It certainly doesnt look better than X. It has better lighting effects but aside from the shots with the big whale it hardly looks like a Xeno game. The character faces/models look quite worse to me. Overly anime. I know theres people who disliked the Xeno X models but i am the opposite. I like them and i dislike these new ones for beeing generic and childish looking.

Will it be a bad game? I doubt it. Aslong as they stick to the formula.
But, this development cycle is so short that i have doubts this game will deliver in the same scale the other two did. At least it seems to be more story focused like the first one. If they manage to get away from generic anime tropes it might be good. But atm based on that trailer... it's underwhelming. I'm not excited to get a switch at all.

Actually... atm i'm more excited to see Fire emblem warriors.

If that doesnt get me pumped then i will definitly give the switch a skip.

Bandorr said:
Haven't had that experience yet.


This here, I've enjoyed every new announcement of every title from my favorite series.

Whether or not that translated to when I actually played it differs between each game but whenever I see a new announcement, its always exciting and makes me happy that a franchise I enjoy is getting a new iteration.


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