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PS3 will hold off the Wii this week beating the Wii by one console for the week.

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Metallicube said:
What's funny is that this is the Wii's down week, and yet it still manages to beat the PS3 on possibly its best (non holiday) week ever. Case in point, It's doubtful that the PS3 will ever beat Wii worldwide short of some severe supply shortages for Wii.

This is the prologue of a game and it was only released in one region.

Trust me, the time will come.

Wii without a doubt.

This is a belated April Fool's Day thread right? I really hate April Fool's Day.

I'm looking forward to next week - if (by Ninty standards) its the start of the '08-'09 fiscal year - the Wii floodgates may well be unleashed. Could start seeing 500k/week for Wii sales...

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bigjon said:
The will win this week by 15k or so.

Basically, sucky week for Wii, best week of the year so far for PS3 means

PS3= (statistically) Wii

Sucky week? Boy, if this is sucky, I can't wait for the good weeks.


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sorry, whats going on in this thread? i got sidetracked back by 11ht11's signature

Wii certainly, unless all hell breaks lose in Japan.

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The question is though is if the PS3 does beat the Wii in WW sales then the Wii fad will officially have ended is anyone selling their Wii? or are you just going to store it in the cupboard with your hula Hoop and pink and green towling socks?


WII will win

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