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I give it a...

10 132 73.33%
9 19 10.56%
8 5 2.78%
7 11 6.11%
6 0 0.00%
5 5 2.78%
4 2 1.11%
3 0 0.00%
2 0 0.00%
1 6 3.33%
Peh said:
Wyrdness said:

Those are the original forms of the Kokiri, the child like human form they took are just a form they took for one particular era, this is why they never aged. Hyrule Castle Town is the one from TP so the game most likely follows that timeline.

I mean the bird like creatures from Wind Waker. The Deku flying things are also in the trailer. And when the Deku Tree spoke to Link, he assumend that he knows the hero, but Link doesn't know who he is, or something like that.

It's hard to tell. Considering the Master Sword is in a forest/cave (like in ALttP or the original), it can't be after OoT or WW. Speakig of, WW already has sequels, and they all included Toon Link and the Ocean.

I would put it after TP (Hyrule castle and town from Bo tW resemble those in TP) or ALBW (Master Sword location), or at least in either timeline. But since Link has been asleep for 100 years... it's hard to tell.

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10/10 extremely well done trailer.

Well, glad to see almost everybody found it great, at least we can all agree in something. For me is also a 10/10, one of the greatest videogames trailers ever.


One of the, if not best Zelda trailers ever.

Goodnightmoon said:

I personally found it mindblowing and one of the best videogames trailers I have ever seen, but maybe is just me, what are your thoughts? Rate it here!



Agreed. One of the best ever. It introduces you to the world, the travel systems, the sidekicks, the setting and story, the boss battles, the emergent gameplay, the gorgeous graphics and sound. It left me speechless and wanting more. Just perfect.

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Its an easy 10

i think it looks fantastic, it gives me wind waker vibes. It's a shame i will probably never play it. The world looks a bit empty though, that's probably because it is just a trailer and they didn't want to show a lot.