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Nobody is out of touch.

It's just old fashioned console wars and doomtalk that narrows views. Once you get that snowball rolling, it's hard to stop.

What is important, is that when you're wrong, you at least admit it and move on.

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Mnementh said:
S.Peelman said:
Switch may have went on to become successful, but 1-2-Switch is still a useless non-game and an insult to my intelligence though.

And a million-seller.


Everyone (me included) said that 1-2-Switch! should be given away with the console to demonstrate it's features and help sell it.

The Switch didn't need help to sell, and Nintendo got tens of millions in revenue from selling 1-2-Switch! separately. 

Dometimes, they know what they're doing.

GhaudePhaede010 said:
newwil7l said:

I'd actually argue the 3DS was out of touch as well, but had a lot of fortunate circumstances to save it.

You would not dare argue it was a success though, right? Success makes the, "out of touch" argument very uphill. People lopsidedly cherrypicked the failure while ignoring the success. They can be blamed because they made that decision.

To be fair: the design choices specifically made for the 3DS weren't that great, but as most of it's design is based on the DS and the 3DS stayed all the time compatible to the full library of the DS. That and the big effort of Nintendo (price-cut and games) saved the 3DS.

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PortisheadBiscuit said:
Ultrashroomz said:
“Mark my words, this is bombing harder than the Wii U.”


Hahahahaha. Very happy that this prediction didnt come true. Go Nintendo go!

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How can an entire forum be this fucking out of touch over and over and over again?

This thread is as wonderful as it is embarrassing.



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RavenXtra said:
Hyperbole: The Thread

You were right

Legendary thread that made my day.

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I also hated the reveal myself, it certainly disappointed me.

Well, the first year of the Switch proved to be a lot better than both I and many others expected. The reveal really didn't sell me on the idea at all. I personally find the joy-con's and the handheld mode to be atrocious, but many seem to disagree. Then again; I never liked handhelds and didn't buy it for anything other playing in the dock on the TV.

It has surpassed my expectations by a big margin in its first 10 months or so, let's see what the future holds, longevity seems to be the greatest hurdle for Nintendo home consoles to overcome since the SNES days. With the 3DS probably being fazed out very soon and hopefully some good software and more actual functionality, it should sell well for another couple of years at least, it really puts things into perspective that it manages to probably outsell its predecessor in about one year on the market...

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