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10 64 8.60%
9 46 6.18%
8 99 13.31%
7 100 13.44%
6 87 11.69%
5 97 13.04%
4 78 10.48%
3 71 9.54%
2 28 3.76%
1 74 9.95%

So what did you guys think overall?


My rating: 6/10


My pros:


-Splatoon 2

-The new Mario looks very fresh and nothing like 3D World.

-Pretty good list of RPGs.

-Badass Zelda trailer. LAUNCH!


My cons:

-Very boring show for the first 20 minutes.

-Meh battery.

-Pretty meh launch games. (Zelda being the OBVIOUS exception.)

-$300 (everyone was saying $250, not a bad price, but probably won't get it at launch)

-Mario isn't until Holiday.

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It's still going.

5/10. Even with Zelda (which was expected), it was very disappointing.

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Miguel_Zorro said:
It's still going.

I know, just trying to be a bit early.

As far as conferences go I give it a solid 8.

Best part was when the translator met his crush Suda and went on rambling like a little school girl^^

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A solid 5/10. 6/10 if we are being nice. Of the things we didnt know beforehand, they announced xenoblade 2, which is great, and then they messes up with price and paid online. So yeah, 5/10 seems fair for a job half done.

No release dates really hurts it.
Ok I take that back - one release date, Zelda.

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So far I gave it a 7. I liked Odyssey and Xeno 2 looks promising. Nothing has wowed me yet. Nintendo finally followed suit and went with paid online. Hopefully they have better servers to justify the paid online...or not.

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It was pretty awful. $300 with no pack-in and paid online, but even worse than that, after all these years of droughts and low quality games, Nintendo only had 5 new brand games to show for it, 2 of which are motion control crap. Also lot's of filler and 3rd partys talking without games to show.


5/10 very little games.


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