Is Sony throwing a punch at Microsoft over the Scalebound cancellation?

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Who cares, Maybe that was not intended (it's reference for drakengard ), Or Maybe it is, but not on world wide level marketing (only for Polish people who can read it and SONY Hq does not take the responsibilities ). Or some people just want to make click for their tweeter, Social media or follower???

The fact is the games has been canceled and people need to move on.

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AMAZING ! This is how  a real man does it, teach them biczez a lesson.

Pettiness aside, I have to admit, I'm looking forward to Automata, while I've never been even slightly interested by what I saw of Scalebound.

Was there any refference to dragons on Nier lore, from the first game, and now they are extinct?
If not, that's very childish and completely unnecessary.

Now we know why it's a lame jab at Microsoft. Have you ever tried to make burger and chips with ingredients for a fruit salad? Results aren't good!

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onionberry said:
childish, the quote is not even cool or edgy... and the situation affects the same developer that is developing Nier Automata.

I think the real take away here is how estranged third party devs are becoming with MS. 


MS plays dirty, across the board and it births ugliness like this. If MS hasn't done what they did with regard to platinum studio and whoever else they did shit with then this wouldn't have or be happenning. 

Not saying other platform holders axe games, but at least we don't hear about such bad third party relationships from there. Like did you read the thread on GAF talking about MS and platinum games?

If you haven't, read it.... Then come back to this thread. Would probably seem less offensive to you then. 

Not a fan.


The PS5 Exists. 

Moron Sony employes fanboys, games are all that matters not console it appears on.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Like that one japanese movie i forget the name of but remember as a kid because it scared me for life as i watched the kid who tried desparately to fight for the girl being bullied get beaten and pissed on by 4 larger males....


that one?

The movie is Kung-fu Hussle. Great movie. Stephen Chow is incredible.


A lot of people triggered already. Job done.