Is Sony throwing a punch at Microsoft over the Scalebound cancellation?

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It seems Sony from Poland released a new promotional image for NIER saying:
''Dragons are already gone, so get ready to fight with machines''

This happened right after the confirmation of Scalebound's cancellation. Add to that the fact that NIER is also from Platinum Games, and you got yourself a pretty great sucker punch.

So, what you think, will this help Sony/NIER, or just annoy Xbox Fans?

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Ugh. I find this more annoying than hilarious. How are you gonna insult a game you were working on?

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childish, the quote is not even cool or edgy... and the situation affects the same developer that is developing Nier Automata.

I mean...are they really wrong? Theres an interesting thread on GAF that gives insight to MS' sordid and rocky relationship with 3rd party devs. There's a difference in Culture and reasoning why MS, Nintendo and Sony make games.

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Profits. Rinse and Repeat= Microsoft

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I don't think anyone can read that crap.


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Must be a mistake. If Chartz has taught me one thing its that Sony is above this type of marketing. Do thar be dragons in Nier?

No Engrish, no fucks given.

Not enough information.

It feels like Platinum "broke up" with Microsoft so they are getting back at them with another "company".

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I don't even understand it!

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Polish people simply don't know better. We learned that in the football thread last summer.

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