Nintendo needs to buy Scalebound right away!

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People are saying Sony needs this game, screw that. It will be lost in the shuffle.


Nintendo needs to smarten up and pull a Bayonetta 2 again.

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If anything, Ouya guys need it


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Nah, Vanqiush 2 and Bayonetta 3 would be better

If MS is willing to sell it to them. While we're at it Atari needs to buy Scalebound also.

Yeah that could work. Take it back to single player.

Actually I would prefer Nintendo get it. They could make a good story about the boy and the dragon.

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MS should just put it on eBay and sell it to the highest bidder.

Porting the remains of the game and working on it would be a nightmare. With bayonetta, Nintendo got it before any work had begun and so bayonetta 2 was perfectly fine tuned for the Wii U.

A more proper comparison would be how Nintendo got devils third. Another mature and unfinished product that also went through development hell.

Scalebound also wouldn't be a good move for the PS4, so seeing how the switch is weaker, it just wouldn't end well

I agree.

It's a MS IP, I'd rather they buy Bayonetta as an IP.

i agre. Nintendo please!!!!!!!