Europe Vs Japan Vs North America who makes the best games?

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Which region makes the best games

Europe 95 23.57%
Japan 227 56.33%
North America 81 20.10%

Definitely Japan, Nintendo and game freak alone put it above the rest for me.

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Hmmm, probably North America.

Probably japan.

All the US poops up these days is the same repetitive and boring FPS' and open worlds. Theres some action ones like Uncharted, but they are better for watching rather than playing.

Japan makes incredible action games i love to play, incredible fighters and are beggining to get back on track on the RPG's. They also make amazing visual novels like phoenix wright and danganrompa. Yeah, i am definitly more excited to play japanese games now.

Japan ofcourse.


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I don't know. It's really hard to say. Japan used to be the best. I say from roughly 1985 to 2000, Japan was the best by far. Not only did they make the most innovative games, but they knew how to market them and turn them into hits. I believe Shenmue might have been a turning point for the Japanese. It was an innovative game that was way ahead of it's time, but that game could not sell what it needed to sell. We started seeing more of that in the 2000's. The West managed to take some of these ideas and turn them into games that could sell.

North America is probably the best today just because of the sheer number of good developers, but there was a time when the North America was better at marketing games than making them. A perfect example is the original Mortal Kombat when compared to something like Street Fighter II. Also, there's the FMV games from the mid '90s. They were mostly American products. American and Canadian developers have gotten a lot better over time.

I would say Europe is the weak link today. Europe could arguably hold it's own to the US and Canada about 20 years ago, but Europe is a mere shadow of it's former self. Most of the major developers were either bought up or had gone out of business. I think there no company the is a greater symbol of Europe's downfall than Rare. They were easily amongst the top 5 or top 10 developers in the world at one time. Today, I don't think they would even be in the top 50.

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This generation I've enjoyed more games made in Europe than Japan or NA, with big titles like Elite Dangerous, DriveClub, Witcher 3, No Man's sky, and smaller titles like Life is Strange, Virginia and Everybody has gone to the rapture. The last guardian tops them all, but I can't get into RPGs anymore, have yet to even start Bloodborne and MGS 5. Resident Evil 7, GT Sport, Zelda and Ni No Kuni 2 might tip the scale back, although Detroit becoming human, Dreams and Horizon zero dawn are coming too.
Hmm what does the US have to offer? Obduction and Star Trek bridge crew are on my radar.

After seeing the last year ...

It's Japan without contest. There's such a sheer volume of diversified games that come out each year from our favorite island.

The AAA american industry (mainly EA and Activision/Blizzard) can't compete with that.

P.s : Ubisoft is Europe/Canada

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barneystinson69 said:

Well us NA have the ME trilogy, Battlefield, COD, Halo, AC, and just so many other iconic franchises that have defined this and the previous generation.

No you don`t. Not unless Sweden has moved to North America without me noticing

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Japanese easy. All American developers know is guns and explosions.

Japan for me. I don't like that the major western titles all kind of feel the same. They'r either sports, online shooters or open world games. Japanese games offer much more variety to me. And I believe they have much more polish to them.

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