Europe Vs Japan Vs North America who makes the best games?

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Which region makes the best games

Europe 95 23.57%
Japan 227 56.33%
North America 81 20.10%

Picked North america as my favorite developers are probably bioware and blizzard both americans. It's sad not much are from Europe except Ubisoft but they will probably go bankrupt soon as their games are all failing.

Japanse are absolute the worse game developers, no clue how any can vote for that country. They just make some silly child games which embarrass us gamers.

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DirtyP2002 said:

But Assassin's Creed is developed in Canada. Otherwise ScaleBound would be an American game, because MS is the publisher.

Well, Chronicles was developed in the UK :p

Assassin's Creed for the most part is developed in Canada, but the more adventurous ones have actually turned into international collaborations. But yeah, it's incredible for the most part from this thread just how few people realise where games are made.

Tomb Raider is the one that hurts. British game farmed out to American developer by Japanese publisher :p

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I prefer Japanese games, by a lot.

genius16 said:

US has EA, and Europe Ubisoft... So Japan wins :)

But Japan has Konami

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Europe (Finland) has also Housemarque (Resogun), Japan has From Software (Dark souls, Bloodborne), USA has Jonathan Blow (Braid, The Witness).

I think it really depends of the period and the games.