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www.shoes-new.com Ltd company based in China. We manufacture our goods in China and sell and wholesale it.
We have customers throughout all over the world.For example:USA, UK .Italy France and so on.
We mainly manufacture and sell and wholesale.
====Products List=====
01. Air Jordans: new Jordan 1-23, nike
02.MAX: max 90,max 95,max 97,max 2003,max 2004,max 2005,max 2006,max 2007,max 2008,
Max shox,Air Jordan,Nike shox shoes ( R4 TN TL TN NZ OZ VC ) RIFT shoes
03. Air Force Ones: AF1 regular low, mid, special, Clear,Timberland,
04. Ape Bape star:
05. Nike shoes: Dunk, Rift, Kobe, James, Boots
06. Adidas: Regular, Adicolor, 35, 36 shoes
07. Puma, Lacoste, Prada, Gucci,
08.sport:Basketball shoes,baseball tennis,football shoes,man men's, woman women's shoes,kids shoes
09. Hoody:bape,bbc,LRG,clh,ed hardy,GGG
10. T-shirt: bbc,tommy,ed hardy,Polo,lacoste,bape,ggg,BURBERRY,evisu,ggg,lrg ,artful dodger
11. jean:Evisu,True Religion,bape,bbc,d&g,artful dodger,red monkey,LRG
12. jacket: ED hardy jacket,adidas jacket.red monkey jacket
13. Handbags: LV, Fendi, Chanel, Coach, Chloe, etc.
14. short: bbc pants,bape pants,red monkey short,evisu short
15. sport wear,Socks,belt,hat,rolex watch,scarf.Caps,hats,pertume,cigarettes-lighters
16. woman apparel:Bikini,Juicy T-shirt,Locaste T-shirt,ED T-shirt,ROCK
Jean,Juicy Suit,ed hardy hoody
17. Handbag/Purse: LV,Chanel,Gucci,Coach,CHLOE,Dior,Juicy,Prada,Guess ,D&G,Versace,Fendi
19. Phone:Nokia8800,Nokia97,Nokia97,Nokia93,APPLE,IPOD ,PSP,MP4,MP3
Hope sincerely to have glad and long term business relationship with you.
If you are interested in our products and have any problem, welcome to contact
us. we will be honest to answer your all problem .and welcome to test our honesty.

shoes.new01@yahoo.com.cn http://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=okia&sc=APPLEhttp://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=SONY%20PSP&sc=sony%20psphttp://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=JORDANS&sc=jordan%2023http://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=DUNK&sc=dunk%20SBhttp://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=DUNK&sc=dunk%20high%20tophttp://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=JEANS&sc=RED%20MONKEYhttp://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=UGG&sc=ugg%20shoeshttp://www.shoes-new.com/new/products.asp?bc=EVISU-COAT&sc=evisu%20hoody

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what is the point of this?

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ok! I hope u get banned


wow, that was exciting

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I like Nike the best ....

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