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... because it's a handheld guy and Nintendo never fail with their handhelds !








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Even better, it's a handheld which you could play console games

Magneficent !


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I don´t anymore. Cause everyone is saying they will not port stuff for it, so it is the WiiU all over again =(

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And even if they go full handheld games, Switch can still be a success


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Even better, it'll be a complete monopoly for dedicated handhelds. It can only be a domination

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A unified library means less first party droughts and all of the big IPs for the system

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My point exactly. One thing is for sure though, it'll kill anything that steps foot in Japan. With handheld support alone. And it supports unreal 4. So Final Fantasy VIIR, Dragon Quest XI, and Kingdom Hearts 3 should come to switch and I think this is no coincidence that Square Enix is using Unreal 4 for their most popular franchises. They want to make sure they make it to Switch. In addition to those you have Nintendo's slew of first party IPs, Sega, Level 5, etc. along with a sweet price point of $250, Switch is going to do very well.

Yea I think it should do quite well.


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Thats what I've been saying!

Its going to get Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter. Then you got Mario, Zelda and Splatoon!

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It will probably do 3DS numbers, which is good but not fantastic by handheld standards.

If it does less I would think it didn't do good enough.