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I usually get a few a day.

When my phone vibrates in class and it's in my pocket, it shoots up like a rocket. Good thing I wear jeans everyday.

@ Okey

Lawl. Community showers? At like a gym or something? LOL!

Back OT:

I usually get them as soon as I wake up too. Now I understand how people can have sex in the morning. And I get them when I eat really good food.

Montana is right, ~10 times per day.

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I used to say the alphabet backwards to get rid of mine. I worked like a charm, but now I've done it so many times, I can say the alphabet bacwards in about 3 seconds. By the way, what the heck happened to this thread?

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Once... With my current bf.

love is like a pizza it is gone before you notice it

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I didn't so much fall in love as I just sorta wandered into it, and once I got there, I liked it, so I decided to stay there.

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Yeap, and asap we will get married :P

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bah, love, if i had my way evry one who goes around with love would be cooked in thier own juices and buried with stakes of holly through thier heart. its overted.

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Yes, one and a half times. I count the half because I was falling in love with her when she broke up with me. Her grades were suffering and she had no time to have a relationship. It sucks getting dumped when it isn't at all your fault.

Love? No. Infatuation? Yes.

Also, lol @ all of the erection comments (thread derail ftw) and WTF @ the Stephen Hawking comment.......D:

One love.

One loss.

One life.

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