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What do you think about this gen so far?

Perfect time to be a gamer! 22 22.68%
Good overall, but I still... 26 26.80%
Decent, but definitely room for improvement. 26 26.80%
Meh, I've seen better. 15 15.46%
Pretty bad, this gen has been a snooze fest. 5 5.15%
I hate gaming because of this gen! 3 3.09%

I like a ton of games released this gen and obviously I can only list 5 so not doing it in any order

The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
The Witcher 3

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1. Xenoblade Chronicles X
2. Splatoon
3. A Link Between Worlds
5. FE Awakening

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5. Bloodborne: I really enjoyed Dark Souls but never got to finish it and this version with faster gameplay and a few new mechanics really impressed me.

4. Fallout 4: I liked it at first but I was dissapointed with changes such as dialogue and the perks system. Once survival came out, it changed the game for me and made it 10 times better, it actually felt like real survival.

3. InFamous Second Son: Even though it's far from perfect, combat and traversal was fantastic, the new powers were awesome and i enjoyed the story as well.

2. Wasteland 2 DC: I simply love this game. The lore, story, the Strategy-based combat (which I'm usually put off by) Everything just comes together wonderfully.

1. Uncharted 4: By far, the best of the 4. Even if it feels like you've been there, the finale to the series is just a great send off. Coupled with a great Multiplayer and new survival/horde mode, it's fantabolous

Honorable Mention: I really enjoyed dying light. In a world full of zombie games, the fast-paced parkour action was really satisfying. I also haven't finished it yet but Ratchet & Clank is fantastic and I will starting The Witcher 3 soon

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1. Pokemon Sun & Moon
Huge improvement over Gen 6, trials are a nice change of pace, the new Pokemon are pretty good, setting is great and I like the new focus on story and characters. Other than it's just Pokemon.

2. Super Mario 3D World
This game is so good that is should be illegal, by far the biggest highlight of the Wii U's library. It looks great, there are tons of levels and they are all great, you have choices of playstyle, the new power-ups are great and even multiplayer is really good. Style and substance.

3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
ALTTP in a fresh coat of paint with some new bells and whistles that introduces new gameplay styles and dimensions. The great thing about ALBW is that it builds on the base of it's predecessor to make ALBW feel unique. Really they could have just made a remake or remaster of ALTTP but they didn't.

4. Super Danganronpa 2
A visual novel that is often compared to the Ace Attorney series but what makes it stand above AA for me is the overall better characters and gameplay which gives it some replayability.

5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

While this game is pretty controversial for numerous reasons, it also introduced a lot of cool ideas and it was an overall blast to play. The amount of options and variety that you have at your disposal is insane.

Honourable mentions that didn't make the top 5:
-Dragon Quest Builders
-Dark Souls III
-Super Mario Maker
-Fire Emblem: Fates

Jeez, this is hard.

1. Pikmin 3: nothing else like it. Never gets old.

2. Super Mario 3D World: Platforming Nirvana.

3. Bayonetta 2: Action bliss. Just a joy to play.

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider: sentimental favorite

5. Sunset Overdrive: Open world rollercoaster ride


(6. would probably be Until Dawn. My favorite "choose your fate" style game.)

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1. A Link Between Worlds

2. Undertale

3. Pokemon Sun/Moon

4. The Witcher 3

5. Splatoon


Honorable mentions:

Bloodborne, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8

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1.) Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
2.) Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
3.) Fire Emblem: Fates
4.) Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2/Record Breaker
5.) Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Edit: I realize #4 is an enhanced remake of a 7th gen game...but I like it so much I don't care. Pokemon Sun/Moon is 6th...so that's 5 8th gen originals.

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1. Overwatch
2. The Witcher 3
3. Bloodborne
4. Pokemon X/Y (liked them more than Sun/Moon)
5. Super Smash Bros U

The lack of Persona 4 Golden in this thread is very disturbing.

1. Persona 4 Golden (PSV)
2. Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
3. DanganRonpa 1+2 (PSV) - I'm cheating in using the JP SKU to get both games.
4. Uncharted 4 (PS4)
5. Bloodborne (PS4)

And yeah, I couldn't stop at 5.

6. Undertale (PC)
7. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call (3DS)
8. Overwatch (PC)
9. Gravity Rush(PS Vita)
10. Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

Honorable Mention: LOTR: Shadows of Mordor, Fire Emblem Awakening

1. Stardew Valley

I knew I would like this game as it reminded me of Harvest Moon Back To Nature, a game I was terrible at but thoroughly engrossed in. What I didn't expect was a 2 week, insomnia inducing, 150hr binge. I haven't been so invested and engrossed in a game this gen and whilst maybe playing less of it next year, I'll definitely keep playing. 



Limbo was a great game, I quintuple dipped on it I enjoyed it so much but it was also an awkward game to play, it was slow and cumbersome at times but still a great first game from Playdead. INSIDE took everything that made Limbo great, the ambient soundtrack, the platforming, the narrative and just perfected it. I've not played a game that's felt so refined and perfect in everything it does. The gameplay plays incredibly fluid, the visuals, atmosphere, sounds, puzzles just worked so well together that this actually might be the most flawless game I've ever played.


3. Life Is Strange 

Point and click adventure games, a genre that admittedly my favourite studio Telltale has dumbed down to a refined art of over simplicity, a long cry from relics like Grim Fandangos brutalness is a genre I've grown to love, heck it's become my favourite genre as I've become more of a casual player. Life Is Strange, whilst following in the over simplified nature of the new age point and click brought a new mechanic to the genre with rewinding but, whilst this mechanic took the easiness to the extreme it was also backed up by the best narratively told game I've played this gen. LIS was a game that kept me on the edge of my seat every single second along the way. It was also a cruel game, letting me get too comfortable with my ability to rewind and then ripping away from me when I needed it the most to create some heartbreaking scenes. It was a game that forced home the magnitude of my choices until the very end. Ending with a simple choice, run away from my mistakes or face the fact that choices have consequences, i chose the latter and whilst some hated the ending, I thought it was the best ending for a game I've played.


4. Dishonoured 2

Dishonoured 1 was one of my favourite games of last gen, with its style of stealth/supernatural gameplay, it's polarising stylised graphics and narrative. I truly loved how it let me play the way I wanted without restrictions and it's DLC was fantastic (minus Dunwall City Trails)

Dishonoured 2 nailed the idea of what a sequel should be, it refined and perfected its gameplay and freedom, it introduced new characters and ways to play and has the best level design I've seen in a game to date. It was my most anticipated game this gen and it didn't disappoint. I loved so many things about this game. Oh and the Void Engine powered by ID Tech really brought the game to life.


5. I Am Setsuna

Admittedly I'm not a fan of traditional turn based JRPGS, I only bought it because of the OST and what I got was a 4 day mini JRPG that will stick with me for a long time to come. Whilst it's my favourite OST this gen easily it's also one of my favourite games, I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did and I'm kinda sad it wasn't longer. This might just be my top pick for a sequel. 

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