PS4-upgraders: how much did the upgrade to PS4 Pro cost you?

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How much did you pay for the upgrade?

$/ 350+ (I kept my old PS4) 42 20.69%
$/ 300 - 349 4 1.97%
$/ 250 - 299 5 2.46%
$/ 200 - 249 12 5.91%
$/ 150 - 199 20 9.85%
$/ 100 - 149 18 8.87%
$/ 50 - 99 7 3.45%
$/ 1 - 49 5 2.46%
$/ 0 (I got the PS4 Pro as a gift) 3 1.48%
see results (I haven't upgraded) 87 42.86%

Very nice upgrade-deal at GameStop for Germany, Austria and Swiss:



No matter what PS4 model you have and how old it is (of course it has to be in working condition with all cables and the controller), for €100 + 2 old PS4 games (bargain bin titles are okay) you get a PS4 Pro wit fresh warranty.

This is especially attractive for 3 to 3.5 year old PS4 models with 500 GB HDD and the warranty long gone.

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My pro did cost €375 and I was able to sell my PS4 with some games for €250

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Sold my original PS4 for 190 pounds so only paid 160 for my Pro.

Paid $250 for an unopened Pro as a gift from my boss. Still have the OG that is currently lent out to another coworker

Free technically. Traded my old PS4 to my Mumford a Pro as a Christmas present, who gifted the old one to my nephews.

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Bought a pro for like $400 with 2 games I didn't care for, and was able to get $30 each for both games, and sold my OG PS4 for around $230, so the upgrade was $110 for me.

Not necessarily taking advantages of the Pro's new bells and whistles yet, but Persona 5 has been my crack as of late, so I ain't complaining.

I'm really excited for holiday season. I plan to upgrade to the PS4 Pro via what will likely be a great deal, I'm gonna get the Scorpio which opens up a whole new library to me (never got the Xbox1), and I'll have Mario Odyssey for my Switch.

I'll post sometime in late March just to let everyone know I haven't died, but I'll probably be looking like Voldemort just prior to losing his nose.

I bought a PRO for 300 dollars (100 dollars off) back in december. i still have my original.

399 €. I kept my old launch PS4 for the collection. I will also get a Slim, but I'll wait until it's really cheap. I want ALL the PlayStations! xP

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Mine cost me £350 as I gave my old PS4 to my Dad as a present.

Technically the overall cost was £700 as a certain someone insisted that I get PSVR at the same time!!!!