Taiwan students cosplay as Nazis in school anniversary

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Slimebeast said:

Honestly almost nothing from the 20th century beats national-socialist imagery.

It's still taboo only because of the horrendous Holocaust atrocities against the Jews are still somewhat fresh in some people's memory, but give it another 50 years and Hitler and the nazis will be just as cool as people's fascination for Hannibal, the Roman emperors, Alexander the Great, Richard Lionheart, Henry VIII of England, tsar Peter the Great and Napoleon (except in Germany where it could take a few decades longer).

Books will be written, and movies and TV-series will be made where even his romantic escapades will be glorified and this mysterious, enigmatic and fascinating leader, Adolf Hitler, truly the most inspiring, epic and powerful leader of Germanic history, will be portrayed in a totally different light than today.

Heil, mein Führer!

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Ljink96 said:
dahuman said:

You think that's bad, just think how many innocent people have died through bullshit wars in Chinese history including invasions, that Jewish number is nothing. You don't hear the Chinese playing victim about it overall because shit happens with dictatorships and wars, it's not new lol. At least the Nazis were clean about it, you see rivers in red from the blood of the dead in the old days from wars in China man.

Millions of people is something, it may not have been as many as in China but to say it's nothing is kind of an understatement. The issue many people have with Hitler's genocide was the fact that people who have lived there, for their entire lives were turned on because of one man. Invasions and wars, those happen all the time. But ones that erupt within a country that had little to no malice towards a creed are the worst ones. 

To me, I don't care what the numbers were or who was killed. If the war was started by some fucking dumbass like Hitler, or any other Chinese warlord or Jewish warlord or whatever, I wouldn't want to dress up as them and celebrate the mass murder of millions of innocent people. That's the bottom line for me. 

He wasn't the first nor will he be the last, just the most recent one. /shrug