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An wireless keyboard, some money and clothes. Not many things, since I'm moving to another city and my parents to a new house, so we are saving money.

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Gold Mario amiibo, Daisy amiibo, $100 Walmart Gift Card, $50 Visa Gift Card, Clothing, Wireless Earphones, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4), Yoshi's New Island (Nintendo Selects), $20 PSN Card, $15 iTunes Card and about $50 Cash from Customers and a portable At Games Sega Genesis

There Are Many Paths to Gaming Heaven

Xb1 slim
Xb1. Games:dead rising 4, gears of war 4, forza horizon 3 and halo master chief collection.

Ps4 games: skyrim, ff15, and some flash sales games such as sf5,mad max and many more that right now don't remember.

A trip to gold coast Australia!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

I got a a Sharper Image headset/headphones, a Zelda themed key holder, and a few games (Stella Glow and VFD Seventh Dragon).

Even better than that though...a week and a half off work. *kicks back*

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To assemble my daughters dollhouse. It was a nightmare

PS4 games:

The last guardian
Dragon Quest Builders
The Division
Dying light enhanced edition.

3DS: Pokémon Moon

Anime DVD/Blu Ray:

One Piece Film Z
Black butler: Book of Circus
Eureka Seven Complete Series
Naruto Box Sets 1-5

Blu ray/4k blu ray movies:

Finding dory
In the heart of the sea
Mad Max Fury Road
Xmen apocalypse
Independence Day: Resurgence
Star Trek Beyond.

Sony Black wireless 650 series headphones and Sony red 950 series wireless headphones.

Clothing: New pair of new balance shoes, hot topic attack on Titan hoodie, new sears men's peacoat, scarf, sleep pants, two thermals.

My wife gave me a PS4 Pro for Xmas. This was unexpected, so it was an awesome surprise.

This evening, I realized that my wife has given me 2 of the 3 current gen consoles; the Wii U and PS4. Next year, I guess I'll talk about how much I want a gaming PC......

The only problem is that on Friday I purchased Watch Dogs 2 for myself, on XBone. I haven't opened it though. So, if I can muster the strength to wait through the crazy return lines tomorrow, maybe I can exchange it for the PS4 version.

jason1637 said:
LadyJasmine said:
Uncharted 4
Black Ops 3
Final Fantasy 15

Sony Blue Ray Home Theater System for the Basement (more for all of us)
Michael Koors Watch - Gold
Kate Spade Purse
Charm Bracelet
New Gaming Laptop

Nice. For FFXV i recommend you do grind some side quest when you reach chapter 3 so the tombs can be easier.

I dont think I will have time to play lol 

Qwark said:
dukerx2 said:
Garbage so far. My girlfriend doesn't understand hints. Hinted at multiple games, some blu rays, a controller (to replace the one she broke) and some Star Wars stuff. But got none of that. Socks, underware, coat and gloves, a shirt of a football player that won't be on the team next year. Ugh. She tried and I am great full for what I got. The stuff is useful and I need some of it but come on. Sorry for the mini rant. Have two more christmas' this weekend so il update.

Buy a controller and Divinity Original Sin enhanced and play trough it in co-op.

Sadly she's not a gamer. Got her to play Peggle once but that's it.