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Kresnik said:
Slade6alpha said:
Haven't bought a game for it in years lol.

Don't worry, I'll atone for your sins.

Amazing collection dude! Damn! 

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Its got better looking games than the 3DS, and it has enough rpgs to make it a worthwhile investment.
A shame so few are bought.

Why does the red one say thank you? Like.. I have a Vita and a PSTV, but... What happened to my triple-A handheld titles?!

Memory card prices ever go down to non ridiculous levels? How much is a 64 GB card?

The Vita has reached 5 years old. It is an awesome addition to the PS4 ecosystem and adds additional value to the home console with remote play. But 5 years old for a modern gaming system is retirement age. When the Nintendo Switch hits Japan the poor Vita will be put out to pasture by a lot of Japanese gamers. Happy birthday Vita, and RIP.


Hey! They got SONY on my amiibo! Wait a minute. Two great gaming tastes that game great together!

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Love my vita, have a huge backlog on it that I won't be able to finish for quite some time ;) Congrats Vita!


So it's been 5 years now since this console died outside Japan.

Uabit said:
So it's been 5 years now since this console died outside Japan.

Its still alive in europe too, its just the US that seems to hate it...

Uabit said:
So it's been 5 years now since this console died outside Japan.

Lovely comment is lovely.

It sold milliosn of software and hardware and gave owners hundreds of games to play. If that's your definition of death, I hope it remains dead for many years to come.

spurgeonryan said:
Cloudman said:
What's a Vita? Vita has no games, and lol Vita. There, now no one needs to do those joke comments, haha.

Seriously though, although I haven't played many games on the Vita, the ones I definitely appreciated playing were the Dangan games. Really great, excellent, and very interesting as well. I'm hoping to play the 3rd one as well some time next year.

ACtually kind of interesting, and I will use a Wii U story. Today, nearly 4.5 years after the Wii U launch or less I guess, I had a customer ask for a Mario card so that their kid could play Nintendo games on his ipod. I thought about it for a minute and told her you cannot do that. She says well he has a Wii downstair and then he plays on something on the tv upstairs. I asked if it was a Wii U and she goes oh yes, that must be it.


 All this time and people do not even know what it is they bought their kids who knows how long ago!


I loved the PSP, bought it years after its life was over in the states, but I have bought and played many games in bed. It was actually a system I got early on when I was in Basic tRaining. Gave me a lot of good nights watching movies and playing Burn out.


I will probably get the Vita for a good price later on.

Makes me sad people are still making that mistake... But yeah, you can't go wrong getting a Vita.



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