Will Fatal Frame VI come to Switch?

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With Fatal Frame V being released and unbelievably kind of going under the radar, do you think we will see a Fatal Frame for the Switch? 


While I do hope to see one as Maiden of Black Water  was one of the most truly enjoyable experiences I've had this gen, I also feel the lack of dual screens will hinder the immersion in future titles. Still, I'd love to see the series continue. 


As far as whether I think we'll see a new one on Switch. Sadly I don't.  We don't know what the sales were due to MOBW being digital only, but I don't think it would have sold well to begin with and people have for whatever reason boycotted MOBW because of its digital only release. 

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Hard to tell since Fatal Frame historically doesn't sell like gangbusters. It might be a little more expensive to make due to the enhancements that the Switch will have compared to Wii U.

If they were able to make PS2 and Wii Fatal Frames, there's no reason to think they won't be able to do so on the Switch.

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I think we will see a new fatal frame with more budget and more marketing. Also a re release of maiden of black water, maybe on the eshop. That franchise deserves a real chance. Just like Eternal fucking Darkness.

bigtakilla said:

With Fatal Frame V being released and unbelievably kind of going under the radar, do you think we will see a Fatal Frame for the Switch? 

I want to see Project Zero 6 on Wii U. You know, U pad was created to be camera Obscura. Literally.

Portable aspect of Switch is pointless for this series gameplay wise. I would support PZ anyway in future. This is so bizarre - this series is the only one true traditional japanese survival horror on the current market. Which is pretty sad.

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i like to own games. I do not hold any value on "permission to play a game" that a digital license clearly states. If i'm going to buy something, i want to own it. That's why i did not purchase mobw. As my own rule, i will not spend more than $10-$20 on a digital purchase, as i don't see the value in it. Hopefully that clears up some of your curiosity. Was a shame. i did want to play it. Loved the 2nd one on ps2. Boy in the window scared the s*@t out of me. Insanely hard boss. Don't even know how i beat her.

oh, and for the original question. Probably not. But i do really hope so. It would be nice to get a new fatal frame every couple of year as a Halloween surprise.

Fatal Frame for the Switch? Yes. Release outside Japan? Unlikely.

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Mid-tier third-party game? Why not? If the last Fatal Frame came to Wii U, why not the Switch (which seems to have much brighter prospects behind it)?

I sure hope so. The first games had no double screens either, so that shouldn't hinder them (though it's much more immersive, as you already said yourself).

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