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I' m  a dumb@$$ who think i have to ban people for saying negative things about Sony and mircosoft. Vgchartz is prosony and promircosoft. We don't give a stinking care about nintendo. It'ss about shooting police cars in GTA and shooting up people for no reason. i banned PATRIOTZERO cause I hate him. I'm sick of him insulting peope for being stupid. he's a freaking hater. i have to protect the stupid people on here who don't have a brain. PATRIOTZERO has a brain cause he ain't playing the stupid things we play and judges things.

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PATRIOTZERO your a dick. Mike B had you beat and you wouldnt let it down

I like the original Montana better...




Ban him now.

I said don't diss montana, he is a great mod

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I think we all know who this really is. ;)

Perma banned in 3...2....

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you lost me?

To creator of thread you FAIL!!!
Ban this Fool. Please remove him please.

Please respond Mrstickball, The Source, ioi, ssj12, montanahatchet, etc

Say it ain't so Montana...say it ain't so!!!

A thing of beauty, strength, and grace lies behind that whiskered face.

selnor said:
you lost me?


no, you lost yourself. U should ashamed. run before the world realizes