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The first south park game wasn't very good, and it wasn't very much south park.

Compare that game to the stick of truth.

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If South Park passes the ESRB, then Nintendo will allow it. Anything on Playstation or XBox platform third party wise is allowed on a Nintendo system.

Nintendo only stipulates content within their own games, the day of Mortal Kombat with no blood have long since passed.

shikamaru317 said:

If I had to guess:

1. Mario RPG X Rabbids crossover
2. Beyond Good and Evil 2
3. Just Dance
4. Next Trials game
5. Child of Light 2
6. Next Rayman
7. Assassin's Creed Empires
8. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (doesn't fit the fanbase that well but it's not very demanding graphically so it should run on Switch without expensive graphics downgrading)

It might actually since Trey and Matt have stated that a huge inspiation for Stick Of Truth was Paper Mario and Earthbound so it might actually do decently on the Switch. 

Since we're going down memory lane, remember that one time Nintendo made a TV commercial with a stripper simulating a hand job on a squirrel?


Hope one of them is South Park since while I do have it pre-order on Ubisoft's website so I could get the Stick of truth on PS4 and cause of that I can't cancel it (though I could sell my PS4 copy to my brother) since that is the kind of game I want to play on the go.

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1-7 will be ports of old Just Dance

and the 8th title will be Just Dance 2017

but in all seriousness, I have big doubts for this rumor

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Pavolink said:
Who is this guy?

He has 215 followers and appears to consistently tweet comments on Nintendo Switch news articles such as "erections everywhere" to the Dark Souls 3 rumors.

OP, how on earth did you find this guy lol?  Maybe I should tweet some 'inside source' Switch news and see if you find me :P

Barkley said:
Wright said:

Dammit, I need to buy Stick of Truth now.

It's not worth buying the game over, literally a 2 second clip in a not-so-hidden area.

Boo. Way to ruin it, your original comment made it look more meaty.

Please, release South Park on the system, the previous one was amazing, just remember it makes me want to play it again.

Watch Dogs 2 would be a great addition since Switch doesn't have GTA (yet), I personally don't care about it though.

And I really really hope Beyond Good and Evil 2 is really happening.

lonerism said:
Luke888 said:

I do, the first one sold decently on Wii U despite it beeing the worst version AND it beeing Watch Dogs, tough I think it'll be an extremely late port, like October 2017 late...


According to VGChartz: PS4 4M, XOne 1,5M and Wii U 0,1M


I read somewhere that they spent less than 2M$ on the porting, if you suppose all the copies were sold at 40$ (medium price since I think it never went under 20$ and most sales came when it launched when it was 60$) they still had a profit !