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Hi so I don't know if anyone else has noticed this yet but I could help but chuckle at this and wonder if it's misprint or typo.  If you look at sales for the week of the November 19th and look all the way at the bottom you'll see the xbox 360 was able to sell a grand total of just 1 console.  As far as I know I thought the console was discontinued there a while back.  How it is that one retailer in the whole county had one to sell and VG Charts was able to pick up on this one solitary unit.  I thought it was just too funny not to mention.

http://hub.vgchartz.com/assets/images2/title-bar-bg.jpg) 0px 0px repeat scroll transparent;margin: auto;">Weekly Hardware Chart 19th November 2016


PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
234,464 279,309 37,375 695,774
104,440 83,182 110,622 319,649
152,578 80,049 164 268,588
981 18,504 8,783 35,060
7,097 15,443 3,105 29,167
2,719 4,492 525 9,448
5,633 1,426 1 7,889

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