Will Sony get cocky next generation?

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Will Sony span two generations with major sucess?

Even-Steven! 21 8.97%
Nintendo Switch (switch) 49 20.94%
PS 5 is Alive! 129 55.13%
It's XB2 Electric Boogaloo! 15 6.41%
No more consoles, just a ... 20 8.55%

Don't see it happening

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I hope they do. PS4 is BORING. PS3 was such a monster for it`s day that the CELL CPU is more powerfull than the PS4 CPU. Sure, the whole system is far more powerful than PS3, but this show how low-tie Ps4 hardware was when it launched, PS4 Pro should have been PS4 launch specs, at minimum.

Sure, the games are there and arriving more by the day, but PS3 was breathtaking and a piece of technological vanguard and vision, so was PS2, Ps4 is "oh, I need to get that to play new releases".

Nah Microsoft are close enough to them and still aggressive enough to keep them on their toes. They'll build the ps5 like they did the ps4 and they'll make it completely backwards compatible with the ps4.

Nope. The game changing damage the PS3 did is still in Sony's heart. They would be wise not to let it happen again.

History says yes. But hopefully not.

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No.. I doubt Sony will do a slip up like they did with the PS3 again.



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Nope. No seriously, they won't. 

They already are, with no external HDD support. It's all I've been wanting, but NOOO... 😤 It's like when storage media comes into play, they just don't get it. Them vita memory cards were a joke. Just a gen before that, they used them other sony memory stick things along with UMD for PSP. Of course I used a micro SD adapter to bypass that to play my homebrew. 🙄 Is the OS not capable enough to handle external HDD? What?


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Yes, starting with the ps+ price hike.

Anything can happen in the long run ...

It wasn't long ago that Sony was the one drinking their own kool-aid but now it's their competitors who were getting full of themselves ...