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Abandoned my N64 when the playstation entered the household and I never looked back :P I haven't even mused at the thought of buying a Nintendo console since ;)

Pro-Sony all the way :)

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Pro gaming since atari 2600.

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TheRealMafoo said:
MontanaHatchet1.1 said:
Sol said:
Pro gaming, I would gladly own all three current-gen console. Budget constraint's thought mean I can only afford a Wii and 360 currently, will hopefully get a PS3 next year.


yeah waste your money on consoles u don't need. all u need is one. life is't about games. can't always sit on your butt all playing 12 hours a day . so u can play all of them

So what is life avout zen master?

I own all three. all of them are great. I also own a few cars (one a Porsche 911), getting a boat next year, and vacation a lot.

Life is about putting yourself in the position to make any choice you want. And if that choice is to own three consoles, then no one should tell you otherwise.


 I like your attitude Mr. Mafoo

Tag: Hawk - Reluctant Dark Messiah (provided by fkusumot)

Why can't we be pro-all?

I'm for Sony, MS, and Nintendo....duh.

The competition keeps them on their toes and makes sure they all bring something different to the table.  Whether that is graphics, features, HD, games, innovation, online...without the competition they'd have breathing room and wouldn't be rushing to stay ahead of the competitors as much.

With that said, I'm probably 45% Sony, 35% MS, 20% Nintendo blood.  Everyone has their preferences, but I do appreciate, own, and enjoy all three.

I can't imagine doing without:

FFXIII and God of War 3 on the ps3

Lost Odyssey and Fable II on the 360

Zelda & Tales on the Wii

I choose to be a gamer and enjoy all of them.

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Sherlock99 said:
Pro Nintendo the only systems i play

 Open your eyes my friend, there is more and better stuff out there. Nintendo isn't all, other systems have good games too.

 Anyway, I'm pro-PlayStation but play all systems.

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Which is why I've got a Wii and DS.

Previous consoles were PS1 + PS2, but I got very bored.

Nintendo, currently, appeals to my approach of gaming.... cheap, fun and sociable.

Nothing much else takes my fancy on the other consoles, expect Little Big Planet on the PS3, that looks great, to be fair.

I thought VGChartz was a community for nintendo fanboyz with a couple of minorities on the side:P But so far not alot of Nintendo fanboyz entered the thread. Guess they just look at the nintendo forum and the off-topic forum:D
Gaming scares them off :O
BTW Slash=Nintendo Fanboy!:D

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pro sony since the PS1. Used to be split between sony and nintendo but frankly the Wii just isn't my cup of tea.

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Pro Sony ever since abandoned their quality and gameplay approach and Sony have that position.

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