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Which generation do you prefer?

Pokémon X/Y 15 9.74%
Pokémon Sun/Moon 90 58.44%
See results 49 31.82%

Sun/Moon. The story is far more engaging than X/Y. The new pokémon feels better too. The environement has a nice happy/warm touch, X/Y felt blank.

And Red/Blue are in Sun/Moon so there's no question there :P

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Slarvax said:

Sun and Moon have a much better singleplayer, plot, and it's much more interesting (no gyms, islands, riding Pokemon). Overall is also a better game.

But I'll say XY has better gameplay. Mega-evolution (as silly as it was) changed gameplay much more, and in a better way, than Z-moves. EV training (Horde Battles > Unfair double battles) was much easier in XY. Speaking of which, while I think Totem Pokemon are a worthy substitue of Gym Leaders (as a challenge), calling for help is a bad mechanic. Specially when you're trying to catch Pokemon.

Most of my complaints come from the competitive side of things, which GameFreak tried to shake up with some new abilities and Pokemon, but in the end they made some annoying mechanics and a super unbalanced move. Like I said though, Sun and Moon are better overall, since most of the gameplay is still Pokemon...

z-moves are horrible if not implemented correctly. Most competitive users will probably question whether they should even have a z-move or not due to how inferior it is to have an item such as quick claw, leftovers, etc on it.



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