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For a long time there has been a rising force that remains unknown to most gamers in this industry. Shrouded in the darkside is one so powerful, so cunning, so deceitful that when it shows it's true face... Its power will shock the industry as we know it. Nothing will EVER be the same again. Some ask if they should be fearful of this presence? Or if it is something that should be embraced. I will let you answer this question with the following: Are you please with that idea of being a gamer who is unknowingly being played in a grand social experiment by a group of powerful men? If you are okay with this idea then there is good news. Play their game. Play it well and learn from it. Some might ask. How long will this charade last? No one outside of this secret group knows for sure, but some claim that if gamers were to come together and make peace with one another collectively. Perhaps it will stop. Another rumor is that this has been planned for a very long time and is broken up into three phases. We are only in phase 2. The gamer advanced much further in phase one than the masters have intended. This time they want you to know that THEY are in control. THEY have power over YOU! They are in charged of this game. The game that you don't even realize you are playing. Even if you willingly participated in the grand experiment. According both download and sales figures.... close to 9 to 10 million gamers have participated in this experiment. This is a very productive number that proves that the experiment is successful and holds great interest to the gamers who are being played by their puppet master.  Nothing is as it seems, and your delightful tears always compliments a good breakfast meal.

This game is very winnable should the conditions be met. Understand that this game is one that extends both your game and reality. A genre in its own right. Some may be more familiar with these concepts than they would like to admit. Others may not even be participating at all. This is a whole new genre of gaming

Just who are the players behind the drapes?

The Prophet/King

The man behind everything. He is both a King and a Prophet. He the mastermind behind the whole operation and has been driving this secret agenda for years. He is the puppet master that puts on a magic show as you play by his rules. By his games. By his word and law. You think you are in control, but you are not. You are blinded by the reality that he controls. You are a subject of his grand social experiment. Just do not ever forget that he loves you all. His most loyal servants are most deeply recognized and cared for. You are his sons.

The High Priest/Speaker of the Prophet

Every powerful deception needs to be controlled. The one known as "The Ally" is the essential key to the whole operation. Without him, none of this would be possible in the first place.  His job is to control the media of the grand project. He controls the flow of information from the Prophet to the people while the real agenda is pushed in the background. His identity is to remain secret as he wields a lot of influence in the gaming industry. He is the one who entertains you as the trick is being played. Only when the Prestige occurs will the truth be known. The grand majorities opinion of this "Project" is dictated by him. He abides by the script that his been written for him. You abide by the scrip that has been read to you.

The Queen

Wait.... what the drag is going on here? Something isn't right.... wtf?

The Secret Ace Card

No one knows who the top secret Ace card is. No one except the King himself. Which leaves us all at a loss.... but there are some who have a theory about who he could be.  After all a man once said something around the lines of "The greatest frauds are the ones on a grand scale!"

Some believe him to be a star. That he is Guy. He was the Wolf who howled the loudest on the darkest nights of this deception. For if the King was his Emperor he would say "Good, good! Let the hate flow through you". And with pride and false prejudice, he embraced your anger with silent laughter that camouflaged itself in a global system that connects the world in a world with web.

Some say that it is another man. One who wore his face like a dirty slithering slime ball. But he was his face. They were two faces on the opposite side of the same coin. But you have no proof. No one knows if he was the Wolf or if he was the victim. At the end of the day. He is the one whom is loved by all.

The False Prophet

The False Prophet has been forgotten by many. However his recent resurfacing is the reason I am creating this article. He is nothing more than the Kingly Prophet wearing a mask. Much like the Jedi order... he orchestrates his symphony in the shadows like Palpatine did as the Emperor himself. His power grows stronger with every passing day. And now... he has reached a level beyond any comprehension. He has become more powerful than any Jedi and any Sith Lord. There is no hope... there is only THE GAME!

The False Prophet is rumored to have recently made a few moves across the Twitterverse. It seems he has both his friends and enemies in his sights. Some speculate that he has a hand in both sides of this grand illusion. Manipulating multiple angles in order to control the outcome and secure a desired future.

The Five/Six

It is unknown how many of these followers actually exist. The number five and six is nothing more than a mere theory. We don't even know who their identity's are and what role they play. We know that the members of this secret group use a certain key phase along with hidden hand symbol as subliminal message. Understand that the hand gestures are simply symbolic and are being used to programing the participants into believing a certain concept and reality. From what I have seen, the results simply speak for themselves and it's quite fascinating. It's amazing how emotions can effect how people react to a certain situation. Rather rational or irrational. So far it's all been positive and the gamers are loving it. Let us take a quick peek of some of these major players and who they could be. Some even believe that the gamers will extract their revenge on these men. However there is no fundamental evidence that this is planned for the grand experiment.

The Pearl Man - No one knows if he is truly involved in this agenda. What would be his benefit? For fun? How did he get tied up into this mess? There has been a cookie trial of evidence of this man that leads straight to the Kingly Prophet himself.... yet he has been spotted with the Queen multiple times over the past decade. This makes no sense. Yet he clearly trout's the hand signal of the this very secret society. The evidence puts this man dangerously busted to being a HUGE player in this great deception. However we can only keep this as a theory for now until he is busted.
However there is speculation that this man can bring unbearable limits of pain upon his enemies.

The Dead One - Who is the dead one? Has death claimed him? There lies a belief that he operates in another dimension and influences from there. That he is a master of time and space itself. Stranded in his own dimension. This is just absurd. That is likely just a cover for is real identity. Whoever that may be.

The man in the chair - There is a main in a chair who seems to be tied with the Queen. He also is rumored to be apart of this group of underlings who serve this grand scheme. Just who is he and what does he want? Evidence of his involvement is purely speculated and very vague. It's possible he was at the right place at the wrong time.

The Star - No one knows a thing about the Star except for the highest levels of the group. Who is she? What role does she play? Some believe that she is a joyful soul who seeks to bring peace. Others believe she is a very difficult person to read. All eyes should be kept on her because she is said to be a major player. History shows that there seems to be difficulty in interrupting her philosophies.

The Madsman - A man of great mystery. There is much speculation on his role. Is he a fallen angel? Is he a soldier of fortune? Or is he just a man with great power and influence. There are even rumors that deep within his soul there is great hurt. Sadness overcomes him and he can't help but cry at the most random of times. Others believe that he may simply be a man filled with Madsness. No one can be certain at this point, but there is one certainty. With him there comes a hunger. Even the Greek Goddess Limos is afraid of this man.

The Reminder -  Who else is involved? We know that there is at least one other player that operates on this level. It is believed that there are more. But who are they and what are their roles?


There are indeed other major players involved. Other people who are in the know to ensure that this grand deception can continue as planned. YOU ARE THE GAME AND YOU ARE BEING PLAYED BY THOSE WHO TAKE GREAT PRIDE AND ENJOYMENT OUT OF THIS! Or maybe there is nothing really going on and I'm the red herring.... fishy, fishy, fishy. GO FISH!
"It's in your head, in your head." Don't lose it!

There is one rule with this game. Have fun. Even if you don't know where you're going. *evil laugh*

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Time to take your medication.... seriously wtf moment going on here.

JRPGfan said:
Time to take your medication.... seriously wtf moment going on here.

There are hints provided considering you can find them. Don't think that this is going to be easy. The game has been rigged against you from the start. Once the players got a grasp of what was going on. The game had to be re-rigged by the grand master. Now there is only the game.

I'm not reading all that and what I did read is some cray cray. wut

I mean, I tried but.... it didn't make sense the second time either....

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Teeqoz said:
I mean, I tried but.... it didn't make sense the second time either....

You cannot recognize anything? Nothing triggering a memory of some experience within the experiment? Interesting. "It's much easer to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled." The deception runs deep. Perhaps take the time to read between the lines. I must be very vague to not give it away. There is a lot of major clues. If your not good with symbolism. Look else where. Try to help find out who these guys on the board is. I assure you that there is something grand going on right now. look at the Queen card there is a major clue. Though it might be better to start on the bottom. Unfortunately you might not be starting anywhere at this moment.

Teeqoz said:
I mean, I tried but.... it didn't make sense the second time either....

Really? It made perfect sense to me

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Yup. Gaming masses are susceptible to the same exact manipulative tactics employed in politics and religion. It's a no win scenario unless the governing paradigm is broken.

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I must rest before the big PlayStation event that starts in a few hours. A member of this secret society will likely show up at the PlayStation Experience. Look for their faces. try to figure out who's they are and label them. Let's do this guys!

 Some of you might be surprised to see something big might happen tomorrow. A huge shattering announcement will tower over the rest of the event if these men drop their big announcement at the show.

 Remember guys.... the secret hand code is

I'm curious to see how much people can find prior to the event start. Start by looking at the cards. Look for hidden things. Then read the up on it and use those connections to ID these people. I am confident that someone will be able to nail at least 2 of them down.