How many Wii u ports will you buy for switch?

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How many will you buy on switch

none 42 33.60%
1 13 10.40%
2 17 13.60%
3 11 8.80%
4 10 8.00%
all 5 32 25.60%

if i were to get a switch it would be a year late to verify that nintendo actually plans to support the device long terms with games i want. their promises aren't worth a nickel to me..

...so i'd get zelda. mk and smash would be a maybe. if a actual sequel was annonced by then i would skip the ports and just get the new version. these games are ussually a once in a generation game so i wonder if nintendo will even make a sequel for them or just offer up these ports. i think sakurai said he doesn't want to make any more smash games a while back.

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KLXVER said:
bunchanumbers said:
None. I'll be buying BotW on Wii U and I'll be waiting for a Switch TV.

The Switch is a Switch TV...

lol but is so true.

If Smash 4 ends up being a port, but has all the DLC built in, and there's a major balance patch, I'll get it.

That's the only port I would care for.

If Zelda counts, then Zelda.

If they remastered NSMB Wii i'd get that too, prefer that over the Wii U version.

melbye said:
Do we consider Zelda a port, cause that one

I dont its a new game imo.... if launch date is near the Wii U version or simular launch times.

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I have all the games on the Wii U that where/are good and the Switch is not the console for me. I will deffenitely not re-buy any games if I eventually decide to get a switch for a new pokémon or something

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Depends on what games get ported, but probably at most 2

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Need to know more myself but probably just MK and Smash. If Splatoon is a pack in then I'll probably get it if it is included in a deluxe model.

As a non-WiiU owner, I'm planning on getting MK8.5, Smash Bros 4.5, Mario Maker, Splatoon 1.5, Xenoblade Chronicles X Remastered, The LEgend of Zelda BotW... THese are all great games that are going to come pretty soon in the Switch's lifespam. Oddly enough, I'm doubting whether I get Pokemon Stars or not, Pokemon Moon is not impressing me (no spoilers please, I haven't finished it).

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