How many Wii u ports will you buy for switch?

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How many will you buy on switch

none 42 33.60%
1 13 10.40%
2 17 13.60%
3 11 8.80%
4 10 8.00%
all 5 32 25.60%

Of the five ports rumoured or confirmed to appear on switch that are made by nintendo, how many will you buy again. These games are Splatoon, Mario kart 8, Smash bro's, Zelda BOTW and Xenoblade chronicles X. Yes i am calling zelda a port because it is, just like TP on wii is a port. I have all these games on wii u (apart from zelda which i will get for wii u) and plan to buy them all again on switch and the reason is partly for conveniance and partly because they'll probably be the best version. If you've got these games on Wii u will you be buying them again or not?

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I'm getting Zelda BOTW and maybe MK8 if it has a decent amount of new content.

I'd buy an Elder Scrolls: Oblivion port if it ever happens. Outside that, no one, really. I don't consider Breath of the Wild a port, by the way.

Zelda, xenoblade and smash

Probably just MK8 (I like playing it online).

Zelda is a new game so wont consider that a port.

Rest? smash, splatoon, xenoblade... nah.

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Depends if there is an upgrade thing implemented like they did with the Wii/Wii U's virtual console. I will buy BOTW, and maybe MK and Smash if there isn't. If there is, I will probably rebuy most of them.

Splatoon and Smash are certain buys rest I will see what there is and what other new games there are and whether I can fit them in.

I've got a Wii U so I don't intend to buy any Wii U port.

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Probably all of those. Xenoblade because I've missed it the first time around, same thing with Super Mario Maker. Mario Kart 8 because it looks like it will have a ton of new content, so it will be worth it to rebuy. Super Smash Bros. because I didn't buy any DLC for it, and also because it will certainly have more stuff as well. Splatoon because I didn't play it nearly enough on Wii U. And of course Zelda, because why would I buy it on the Wii U when the Switch version is very likely to perform/look better?

If they release a Hyrule Warriors "Definitive Edition" I'd buy that too, because I've missed that game as well.

Probably all of them except for Mario kart since it sounds like Splatoon is going to be a pack in game. If not I'll probably end up skipping Splatoon.