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xbox one, quantum break, rise of tomb raider, rare replay, fallout 4, the witcher, halo 5 and killer instinct.
saved a lot. :)

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Gopro hero 5 from Best Buy. Came with a 64GB mini SD card and a $35 gift card

I bought Master Spy on Steam. It's pretty damn good so far, if you're into punishing games like Super Meat Boy. I was planning on buying the Doom collection and Company of Heroes 2, but neither of those are on sale. Bummer.

I bought the Gears of War (Xone) Ultimate edition.

I don't own an xbox one but I wanted the season pass and the game was 29,99 much cheaper then the season pass lol.

Also I bouight Fifa 17 on PS4

I have used a -10% code to pre order the following PS4 games
Persona 5 (limited edition with all kinds of goodies)
Horizon Zero Dawn

On PC:
Dishonored 2
Watch Dogs 2
Battlefield 1

But today is a big day, I havn't used my PS4 much since uncharted but today I am getting FF XV in the mail :D altough that wasn't a sale, its deff the game I am most excited about ^_^ after that I will start playing my stuff on pc, altough planet coaster (amazing pc game) has had most of my attention lately.

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I traded in my 2 OG PS4's for 2 PS4 Pro's at my local gamestop, they didn't had any deals with the pro or anything it was just that they restocked it for thursday/friday and they already out of stock now. Crazy.

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Got7 MGS5 Complete Edition for $25 at Bestbuy and Ratchet and Clank for $10 at Gamestop. Also bought a 55' 4k TV.
And my goodness....Ratchet and Clank with HDR is just insanely beautiful.

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Rocksmith 2014 on Ps4 from the US store.
Delay is horrible though.

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The last forum site I showed my face a guy came to my front door lol

jonathanalis said:
xbox one, quantum break, rise of tomb raider, rare replay, fallout 4, the witcher, halo 5 and killer instinct.
saved a lot. :)

wow, I like every game you bought, you are going to be in for a really great holliday time :D, dont forget about gears tough, specially co up seems to be a great addition to any christmas ^_^

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Lots of things for my new house, a X360 for my nephew, Metro Redux and Life is Strange for XOne.
Brazilian Live deals are pretty good, I paid R$11 for each game, which is around U$3,30.