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Expecting a polished turd like The Division to hold its market value is unrealistic. They make all their money the first week and mass print copies.

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You're better off selling it on ebay.

I haven't been to a Gamestop in a LONG time. Like, the PS2 era. It was not a good experience. The guy kept badgering me to buy strategy guides I didn't need and pre-orders I didn't want. He even had the nerve to make fun of me because I was buying Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door and not the "hot" game at the time (can't remember what it was, I think it was GTA but I could be wrong). I vowed never to shop there again, and never did.

The town I live in here in Texas has two privately owned mom and pop game stores that have a nice selection of used games. There is no GameStop here. As small retailers they need to turn a profit so they dont give very much for used games, but by supporting them we are helping the local economy. They do have a lot of retro systems and games too which is nice.
GameStop is just another greedy corporation looking to maximize profits at the expense of their employees and also their customers. I fail to see how making their stores sell cell phones and tablets is going to save them when there are so many other stores doing the same thing. The fact they are moving to mobile is just more proof that home gaming consoles are going away. Even Nintendo's next system is a tablet using mobile tech.


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LivingMetal said:
GameStop keeps changing their business practices in terms of the inventory help stay revelant. But at some point I do see them going away kind of like Blockbusters did. Not quite as fast but I can see it happening.

If it does happen, we will have another epic south park episode at least ;p

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In Japan they take some games for like 100 yen.

I mean... thats how 2nd hand game services work. They get it for cheap and they sell it at a higher margin. Honestly, selling a game to a place like Gamestop is just if you need to get rid of it easy. If you want more than go sell it to an actual person yourself .

Craigslist bro. Support that resource and eliminate big business from the mix.

StarOcean said:
There's a lot of good people who work at GameStop. They don't deserve to lose their jobs because you expected a billion dollars for your used ass game. Jesus Fucking Christ, the entitlement of some people

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In all seriousness, I'd definitely sell to someone else before the Stop, but then, I never want to see them go under (they're not). 


Yeaa fuck them!

Their used games are bearly cheaper than getting a new copy these days, their nagging is nonsense and their knowledge about games isn't as good as it should be.

For example, when I got my ps4 pro, I went into the ebgames that was closet to my house and asked him what games are good for ps4 pro. Every game he suggested apart from Uncharted 4 had zero PS4 Pro upgrades. And when I picked up bloodborne for $30, he was like, you should buy the used version for $5 less cause its the samething and cheaper.

Its like, why would I buy the used version if its only $5 less than the new copy? That entire logic is dumb cause a new copy won't be a gamble. And don't even get me started on their return policy.


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Well, we don't have Gamestop here in Spain anymore, so that's that. We do have Game, which can be very dickish from time to time. I don't usually trade in games, so I don't know how their policies are in that regard.

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