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I have 44 games for Wii. None of them party or casual games. Great system that didn't deserve the bad rep.

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Good console. Happy Birthday Wii

I loved the Wii. It got old towards the end of the generation, but the motion controls were cool for a good while. Some great games too (as well as plenty of terrible ones).

Happy birthday! :)

SegataSanshiro said:
I have 44 games for Wii. None of them party or casual games. Great system that didn't deserve the bad rep.

I got that beat. 61 games, all of them worth playing :)

Totally agree about it being a great system. Too many people delegitimized it with buzzwords like "shovelware" and "waggle" without ever bothering to actually dig deeply into its library.

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Happy Birthday! The Wii was a phenomenon! Im glad sooo much people enjoyed it!

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Gamecube 2.0 Loved the heck outta the Wii and absolutely loved that you could use it as a fully functional Gamecube with a key difference being that a Component Cable for the Wii costs about €2 in comparison to the GC version will set you back around 200+, it's easily the best way to play the games of the GC outside of PC emulation.

100m well deserved sales too, not only did it set the world on fire drawing in new customers to gaming who have never played a console before but also it became a piece of popular culture, appearing on TV shows, News and Comedians stand up for years after it came out, really did break down barriers which the Call of Duty/Gears/Halo/Killzone generations of consoles were constructing on the other 2 systems which really were turning away that casual $ from our favourite Hobby, Nintendo pulled them right back into the fray.

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I just heard about the Wii's 10th birthday from Arlo's video I watched today on youtube. xD Looking back on it, I remember very well the 1st day I saw the Wii. It was a bright and shiny morning, and there it was in the dorm living room, along with Twilight Princess, which look very awesome as well... except one of our housemates who said "that doesn't look so good", to which my friend who was playing was very upset xD

For a good while we all played all the Wii Sports games, and it was just awesome. Never did I see so many people huddled around the console, all having a good time.

Happy Birthday Wii, thanks for all the memories xD



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Worst console in history with the most terrible control scheme to match.


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Happy Birthday to Wii  

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