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d21lewis said:
A lot of the sales probably come from "double dipping". I own TWO Xbox One consoles but I kinda want an S. The "Upscale everything"feature is tempting.

Isn't that upscaler the same upscaler your 4K TV does anyway? UHD Blu-Ray I can understand, but upscaler? 

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CGI-Quality said:
Veknoid_Outcast said:

Yes, and based on sales, most consumers have been squarely in the PS camp all generation. Thus my personal opinion is attempting to channel the thinking of the average consumer who bought the PS4 because it was cheaper and had bigger games.

I didn't say anything about laziness...

But you quoted my response to someone who was specifically referring to that (even going as far as saying that he had a point). So now, I don't know why you quoted me to begin with. 

Yeah I said Slade had a point (about the Xbox lineup vis-a-vis the PlayStation lineup for the holidays), and I quoted you because you made an opposing point that both MS and PS had weak holiday lineups. Then I wrote that as someone who has preferred Sony for 33 months I've preferred Xbox for the last 3 months because of big game releases and bundles. So my argument was that MS has been killing it over the last 90 days relative to Sony.

I was riffing off your response to Slade. Otherwise I would have just directly quoted Slade.


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teigaga said:
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Intrinsic said:
CGI-Quality said:

Well said. Seems we get these sorts of topics and viewpoins each Holiday, only to get to January and see that, once more, the situation wasn't quite so cut and dry.

Third time's the charm

That phrase will probably never matter more than it does now to these 8th gen consoles. Being that this is both their thrid holiday. 

Last three times we got the same from the MS camo around the holidays. Same stories about sonys holiday lineup being weak. So stories about ms winning g black Friday or November or December. Then January comes along and it's back to Sony winning for the next 10 months. 

And on the Sony camp, same let's wait for November and December. same winning a few months every year doesn't put you ahead. Same look at the global numbers. Same let's wait till January when things slow down and sales aren't being padded by other things then we see how the sales landscape really is. 

This has all happened twice before. and it's happenning again. Let's see which one sticks now. 

be rest assured though, it will happen next year too. when the scorpio is released lol. 

Very much why I discourage people from the impulse-style posts you see in here. Usually ends with a foot in the mouth. ;P


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KLAMarine said:

First it was the debacle that was No Man's Sky which Sony put its marketing behind. Then it was Sony's restrictive modding policy with regards to Bethesda's Fallout 4 and Skyrim games. Microsoft has been less restrictive in that regard. Then the PS4Pro not being able to play 4K Blurays which the XB1S can, Microsoft made sure to emphasize. Also, the PS4Pro being weaker specs-wise than the upcoming Scorpio, Microsoft doing a better job of implementing backwards compatibility, and even Microsoft claiming their gaming network is the better one (not sure how true that is).

Also, if memory serves (no pun intended), external storage on the PS4 and PS4 Pro is a hassle compared to the X1.

Kinda hard to argue with subjectivity. 

No mans sky is not a knock on Sony. I don't know why you would associate that with Sony as a failure. ESPECIALLY being that is was also released on PC.

Restricting modding and BC, I doubt those things carry the kinda weight you are suggesting they do. Evident in when you look at games sales. Didn't fallout sell better on the PS4? Has the 3yrs of BC support worked wonders for MS? And should I start listing out features the PS4 has that MS doesmt? I rather not, cause there are all subjective. They may be important to you, but in the grand scheme of things they don't equate to much. 

PS4 and 4k Blu-ray, again, that's not something that in the grand scheme of things matter. aimless you really believe that the reason the XB1 is selling better is because people want to buy 4k Blu-rays to watch. You should also out stock into marketing. MS will do well to scream whatever differentiating feature they have to the rooftops. They are almost required to do so. Doesn't mean it's relevant. 

And how can you possibly talk about PS4pros weaker specs to the scorpio as a knock? Then forget that the Pro is out now and we have not even seen what the scorpio looks like. If it's coming a year later, shouldnt it be more powerful? Have you considered how many PlayStation console will be in the market by the time the scorpio is released? 

What do you think the devs will think?

And external storage, again, subjective. It would no doubt be a great feature to have. But you can easily upgrade you internal HDD on the PS4. I doubt anyones reason for not buying a PS4 would be because it doesn't support external HDD.

Truth be told, all you have just said is subjective. You haven't pointed out a clear significant reason why anyone would choose the XB1s over the PS4 from the things you have mentioned. Or better out, how anything you have mentioned equates to turning the tide. 

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