Will the PS4 ever reach 99$ in its prime?

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Will the PS4 ever reach 99$ in its prime?

Yes, they will have an ul... 19 26.03%
No, they will discontinue... 54 73.97%

Reading this article, I've been thinking of the PS4 ecosystem. With the PS4 pro coming very soon, and probably some sort of PS4 Pro Slim and PS4 Pro Ultra (you never know) the PS4 family seems to be evolving into a very varied bunch. That is going to affect the original PS4 and its slim version. Do you think that, if we keep getting more and more powerful versions, will we see the original drop in price to 99$ or very close? Or will Sony discontinue it before that to keep the profits high?

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Doesn't Sony believe in generations? I think after the ps4 pro, the next one will be ps5 which might be bc with ps4 games but ps4 wont be fc with ps5 games

So no


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PS3 isn't $99 yet

Why not? Most systems do eventually. PS3 did not sell as well as they wanted, nearly half of what the PS2 did and the PS4 is getting a lot of the games that were on it. May be why they held off on lowering the price. Sales may not pick up, especially with how big the ps4 is. So why lose money?

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melbye said:
PS3 isn't $99 yet

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melbye said:
PS3 isn't $99 yet

thats because its powerPC and Nvidia. IBM isnt investing anymore to reduce the size of their CPUs

Not getting a PS4 at 99 bucks anytime soon. Hell, can't even get a PS3 for $99 bucks.

Not as fast as the Xbox One family.

You cheap, damn.

Nope, chances are if/when Sony will discontinue the original PS4, it'll all be sold out before it hits $99.

Those cheap enough to wait for it to be $99 will just be out of luck because it'll all be gone before it hits that price. Maybe it'll all be gone by the time it hits $149-$199.