My PS4 Pro Arrived 3 DAYS EARLY! Impressions is up!

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God Bless You Amazon Prime!!!!!


Also recommend me some gamez please!

- Got BloodBorne!!

- Got Infamous SS

(And add me @ JB_thePirate)


Here are my first impressions after a day of usage of the ps4 pro:


I like the interface overall but what I don't get is why does it stutter as frequently as it does? I could understand the ps3 days where that console had limitations in ram and etc but a 4.4TF console still stuttering at times just navigating the UI is kinda wtf. And yes yes, it might be pulling some stuff from the internet but come on, I have 150mbps down and this is connected via Ethernet, that shouldn't be an excuse. Don't get me wrong, it is better than the ps3 version but still a bit dissappointed with the stuttering.


I think this is a great thing where you really have to see it to understand. While my TV does support only basic HDR, there are still some awesome differences and everything just looks more natural. Just remember to turn it on your TV first.


So far, I only played Bloodborne and Infamous SS. There have been framerate drops and stutters on both, even when I put Infamous SS in frame rate mode. As far as high resolution mode and checkerboard rendering is concerned, I don't think most people will notice a difference between native and checkerboard. If you played a game on PC + Native 4k, I am sure you will see a bit of a difference compared to it but you would really have to look for it. In motion and while playing the game, I think people will be more than happy. Just remember that not every title will be checkerboarding from 1800p so the milage will vary.


This has probably been said already but it feels a lot better than DS3. I also like the fact that there is a headphone jack on the controller! Unfortunatly though, this means Sony doesn't have any courage so... RIP

One thing I don't like is its battery life. I do play with my x1 controller on my PC frequently and yea, I do miss that battery life. Oh well, on the plus side, it works natively with steam now so thats always a plus!

Is it worth it so far?

I don't really have any regrets and I don't plan on returning it. With that being said, it depends on whether or not do you care about its extra performance and extra features. You can get a ps4 slim with 2-3 games $100 less right now where as with ps4 pro, you are only getting the console for it. Also you have to factor in if you have an HDR TV or not. And it is certainly not a lag-free zomg console so if you are expecting that, don't. But on the other hand, all future titles will probably get higher enhancements and should show far more optimization to utilize the hardware. The current improvements are still good though. So for me, it is!

So from my inital impressions, all I can say is, if you care about having better graphics/performance, get it (or wait for Scorpio if you don't care about PS exclusives at all and the games that are coming out soon) otherwise, you can probably stick with the regular one.


And remember, my impressions are based on a day of usage and 2 games.


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