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FW and/or LTD

Any kind of regional breakdown you want

Any kind of platform discrimination you want

Whatever you want baby

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How about seven million units sold LT.

I'm seeing a good 7M copies sold.

Japan : 1,5M
North America : 3,5M
Europa : 2M

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5M+ on PS4
1.5M+ on XBO

That's an "at least", around 6M and 2M respectively for a over 8M total would be my guess.

This is combined WW

FW: 2-3 mil

LT:  6-7 mil


70% on PS4 (combined OG + PRO)
30% on XBO



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NA: 3.3M ( 2.6M for PS4 and 0.7M for XB1)
EU: 2.1M ( 1.7M for PS4 and 0.4M for XB1)
JP: 1.2M ( all of it for PS4)
RW: 0.6M ( 0.5M for PS4 and 0.1M for XB1)

Total: 7.2M

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Would say 7 - 8m lifetime worldwide

Lifetime sales atleast over 7m.... I think it ends up higher.


"Any kind of platform discrimination you want"

Gonna guess we see another 6-9 to 1 ratio, between PS4 & XB1 in terms of sales.


Right now FFXV on amazon, has PS4 version at #13, delux version at #21? or something in the hourlies.

The Xbox one version is at #150.

All estimate including retail and digital


First week:

Japan = 600k; USA = 750k; EU = 550k; WW = 2 million


Japan = 1 million; USA = 2 million; EU = 1.8 million; WW = 5.5 million


Per platform

PS4 = 4 million; XBO 600k; PC 900k


(yes i predict a PC port)

3.5 million PS4.

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