It's time for adult games on PS4

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I've often found the adult content in games limited to violence, substance abuse, vulgar language & cheesecake silly.

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Time for Manhunt 3, lads! I hope Rockstar is taking note.

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My favorite porn movie of all time is "Night Trips."

It's directed by Andrew Blake and the cinematography is awesome. Check it out.

So, yes, VR porn interests me. Hell, I just spent $800 on a M4 assault rifle this week - all before that bitch Hillary becomes our next president and bans them like her husband did.

No problem here spending another $400 for PSVR as long as I can get VR boobies smacking my face!

Erotic psn content?
Please dear lord jesus,no.Just fucking no.
Psn is for games,if you want "erotic content" there's plenty of porn sites out there to satisfy your needs.

Maybe spend that money and hire a life coach/therapist so you can ask a real girl out and get real sex :D

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Sure why not, as long as it's hidden by default. You can already hide specific games from your trophies and games list anyway btw.

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American Media are so anti adult content though. Remember that Mass Effect News.

LivingMetal said:
collint0101 said:
I could get a really good prostitute for the price of psvr and a copy of a porn game.

She what's her name?  Gonorrhea?

chlamydia. I think it's French or something it sounds exotic